Top 10 Fizzing Startups in the City of Dreams: Mumbai

Obino is indian Mobile Weight Loss Coach, that follows a pronged Strategy to get you in proper size - a devoted health coach, personalised diet -fitness plans & unique mobile - app based tools that are with you all the time.

Mumbai the most populous city of India, with an estimated city population of 18.4 million, now has also become the heart of more than 500 startups, investors, incubators and accelerators. Mumbai is also known as the City of Dreams because hundreds of dreams are realised almost everyday. The city is also counted among the most famous startup hubs in India. Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is also one of the world’s top ten centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow.Mumbai has scored well in the table, not only in terms of funding but also in performance which is determined by the number of startups, their valuations, their estimated growth rates , market reach and talent. In the past few years there were some amazing startups with innovative ideas in the city and many of the existing ones grew in their scale.

Here are top ten startups increasing the reach of the city


FOUNDERS :- Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev

FOUNDED IN :- 31 March 2014

DESCRIPTION :- Haptik is Everyone’s Personal Assistant - an army of real people, solving real problems in real time over chat. The company helps you to get things done in a matter of minutes, whether it be searching information , completing a task or resolving support issues with companies , Haptik is your go to guy , simple, reliable & fast and the most amazing thing is it’s completely free.

So , just outsource your headache to a Haptik assistant with a simple message , sit back and tend to the more important things in life. Haptik has now been quoted as "A Must Have App" by over 100 publications in India.

TRACTION :- In September 2014, Haptik bagged $1 million in a first round of equity financing from Kalaari Capital.

STARTUP NAME :- Grabhouse

FOUNDERS :- Parteek Shukla and Pankhuri Shrivastav

FOUNDED IN :- 1 March 2013

DESCRIPTION :- Grabhouse is the country's very first broker free-real estate search portal. The company is owned by Mumbai based Cryptopy Technologies. The real estate sector saw a lot of action & sprouting growth in the era, though Commonfloor, Magicbricks and Housing etc still rule the market, the year saw the entry of a very promising startup called Grabhouse in the competitive market. The startup helps its users in finding apartments, PGs and shared accommodation without the involvement of any broker. The website’s interface is very easy to understand and use.Grabhouse promises to make house and roommate hunt for bachelors a hassle free affair..

TRACTION :- Grabhouse was successful in raising $2 million in a Series A round of funding led by Kalaari Capital. It has also raised $500,000 from its existing investor India Quotient .

STARTUP NAME :- Travelaero

FOUNDED IN :- September, 2014

DESCRIPTION :- Let it be a business or a leisure travel that takes you around the globe, travelaero help you find the best airfare deals, top hotels at best rates, and cheap car rentals. In addition to the pre-negotiated prices, the customers can also enjoy great discounts on travel from time to time. 
The company give you couple of choices to choose the best travel options at great prices in this portal through strategic partnerships with the best of the best content and technological providers in the world. Since the launch, the startup has partnered with a number of leading brands to provides its users with online booking facility, travel itinerary and easy car rentals etc. The main focus of the startup is to cover the resident expats in United Arab Emirates, Dubai and international travelers visiting Dubai.

STARTUP NAME :- Pricebaba

FOUNDERS :- Tirthesh Ganatra , Annkur P Agarwal

FOUNDED IN :- 2012

DESCRIPTION :- We often get fed up with constant calls by our friends and relatives, asking which phone they should purchase, where from they will get good discount. Many people from our country india research online to search their preferences and buy the products offline. Seeing such scenario in the country, an online-offline hybrid platform was introduced with the name of PriceBaba, that would help people choose the right product from their desired shop around them. PriceBaba is a product research platform tailored to meet the needs of the Indian consumer. It helps connect local retailers to potential customers on the web. At the same time it serves the default buying behavior of the Indian consumer i.e. Research Online, Buy Offline.

TRACTION :- The company is a part of 500 Startups Accelerator Program. And there were few angels and friends who funded our seed round.


FOUNDERS :- Kunal Kapoor, Varun Sheth & Zaheer Adenwala

FOUNDED IN :- 2012

DESCRIPTION :- Ketto is an online crowdfunding space where social causes, NGOs, creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures in India are supported. Ketto uses the best tool to mobilise the youth , effecting change and inciting creative ideas ie SOCIAL MEDIA . Ketto has made online giving and fundraising easy and safe.It allows creative ideas to take flight and helps entrepreneurial ventures gather support. With its celebrity support, Ketto aims to connect individuals and brands with fundraisers, increasing awareness for various causes - social, personal, creative and entrepreneurial.

Ketto is all about empowerment of the people. It aims to mobilise the online community. It multiplies the efforts of change-makers and campaigners of social causes, creative projects and entrepreneurial ideas.

TRACTION :- The startup had raised $150K from angel investors in November 2013

STARTUP NAME :- Voxpopclothing

FOUNDERS :- Siddharth Taparia

FOUNDED IN :- 2013

DESCRIPTION :- The company believes that at the core of fashion lies expression. That’s the very reason behind the company's brand name: VoxPop, which means 'voice of the people'.

Just as the name suggest the company is the collage of exclusive expressions,designed for people who can speak their mind and wear their attitude.It’s an iconic tribute to all the symbols and images that the world admires.Every design made at VoxPop is a 100% authentic licensed product, made with the highest quality material and finishing. VoxPop is not just an apparel company; they are a whole new culture that’s ready to emerge

TRACTION :- The company had closed a funding of $1 million in November 2014.


FOUNDERS :- Ritu Soni Srivastava & Yogesh Sachdeva

August 2012

DESCRIPTION :- Obino is indian Mobile Weight Loss Coach, that follows a pronged Strategy to get you in proper size - a devoted health coach, personalised diet -fitness plans & unique mobile - app based tools that are with you all the time. The companies dedicated health coaches are professionals in the area of nutrition, food science , yoga ,fitness training & lifestyle modification etc . One professional is paired with the user,who keeps an eye on the user's lifestyle all the day. After a detailed consultation on call , according to the needs of the user, proper diet and fitness plans are made on the basis of the kind of food preferred sleep timing and fitness equipment available to the user. The app also prompt reminders according to the diet followed.

TRACTION :- Obino has around 16,000 downloads over 2000 active users & more than 150 paying customers at a ticket size of INR 1500 per month.


FOUNDERS :- Pratyush Jalan

FOUNDED IN :- 1st December 2014

DESCRIPTION :- People today are living in smaller houses and do not have the luxury of space to adjust everything at their homes. That’s what Boxmyspace come in for. The company helps customer ease their storage experience by dropping off high quality storage boxes at their doorsteps. The customer just has to pack their things in the boxes, the company collects the boxes and store them. The whole process of ordering boxes, scheduling a pickup, tracking and indexing the boxes is done online through Boxmyspace web portal and mobile application, and in terms of pricing, they charge INR 250 per box for a minimum storage period of three months. The company has one hub setup in Mumbai for the logistics, and plans to set up another to cover the other parts of Mumbai.

TRACTION:- Boxmyspace has raised INR 1.92 crore from a consortium of investors led by Farooq Oomerbhoy, who was one of the co-founders of the early stage fund Orios Venture Partners. Ritesh Veera and Singapore Angel Networks also participated in the funding round.


Aditya Rao

FOUNDED IN :- 2013

DESCRIPTION :- People nowadays spend their money in two things - buying products or hiring services. The company completely owns the second part ie catering services, they serve as your BFFs. The startup offers more than 450 categories ; including education , home services, wellness & events etc . They offer experts on their platform which are personally verified with their backgrounds checked.

The amazing matching algorithms make sure that the users are connected to the right service expert with in few seconds. Discovery and booking of local services through current solutions can be a frustrating and unreliable experience. The company's mobile-centric and match-making approach eliminates this, making it hassle free for the customer while providing 50x better conversion rates for a service professional.

TRACTION :- The company had secured $5 million Series A funding from Tiger Global Management and Lightspeed Venture Partners and an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Sidharth Rao (Co-founder Webchutney), Haresh Chawla (ex-Group CEO Network 18 and India Value Fund partner), and Sachin Bhatia (co-founder, MakeMyTrip).


FOUNDERS :- Talvinder Singh & Kranti Agarwal

FOUNDED IN :- September 2011

DESCRIPTION :- Tushky is a marketplace for real world leisure activities, it is serving as a platform to give travellers access to local guides and has pivoted over the years to find a sweet spot in the ‘experiences’ space. The company is a part of 500 startups Accelerator and now reported a growth with over 2000 experiences listed. According to the company local activities is the third largest vertical in the leisure sector.The web platform of the company is one of the most advanced in the world, for its ability to store,serve and distribute activities in bookable format, right down to the date,time and paid exclusions.

TRACTION :- Tushky had raised various funding rounds viz. June 2011 $65k/Seed, September 2012 $25k/Angel, January 2013 Undisclosed, April 2013 $250k/Angel and latest September-2013 Undisclosed amount/Seed.

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