There Is Huge Need For Not Just Restarting India But Keeping It Ongoing And Growing: Rajeev Arora, San8ize

In an exclusive interaction with BW Disrupt, Rajeev Arora and Manu Grover, Founders, San8ize, spoke about the firm and more.

How did you come up with this idea? 

The thought of fighting an invisible enemy created a need for us to try and solve the problem of how we were going to navigate life through the near and foreseeable future. While Scientist and virologist would eventually find a medical solution for this Pandemic, there had to be a smarter way that normalcy could be achieved in our own business’s, It was this quest that led to the creation of San8ize. 

Who are the other players in the market? 

There isn’t any other company that we are aware of that offers an end to end solution by using technology to better manage the Pandemic. We believe there are some players that may offer location services while most businesses have become market places offering supplies. We, on the other hand, have tackled this problem using the three pillars of knowledge, traceability and an Intelligent market place. 

How impactful do you think your platform is for coping with a situation like this? 

True Impact can only be achieved when you change the way in people look at the problem, and we are confident that with our knowledge vertical we will be able to change the mindsets of the consumers in adapting to the new normal. The impact of our traceability tools and smart wearables would empower the organizations to make the invisible Pandemic more visible and Ring Fence the Workplace from the contagion coming in. Sourcing of credible products will impact organizations in creating a trust factor with their employees and enable organizations in claiming CSR spends to best manage their expenditure. 

How has been the people’s response? 

The feedback to our solution has been extremely positive; There is a huge need for not just restarting India but keeping it ongoing and Growing. Most of our sales meetings and converting to the letter of intents and post-launch would be converting to paying customers. 

What’s your marketing strategy? 

The Strategy has been to meet industry leaders and explain our solution, Once they are convinced we have seen that they themselves become our Ambassadors and continue to open more doors for us to meet. We have created a small outreach program through Social Media focussed at the industries hit hardest and that too has started to bring in some. We plan that once we achieve our first 50 paying customers we will launch a large media plan to widen our outreach. 

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