There Are Always New Things Worth Exploiting: Alok Kejriwal, Founder & CEO, Games2win & Mobile2win

A three-day-long Startup Summit Live was organized by Stirring Mind from 24th to 25th July.

India has the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world. There were about 50, 000 startups in 2018 and this number is rising year by year.

With an aim to bring together a gathering of more than 10,000 Entrepreneurs, Investors, Corporate Representatives, Government officials and Influencers from the Indian Sub-Continent, Middle-East, American and European startup ecosystems, Stirring Mind (the co-working space provider) hosted a three-day long Startup Summit Live.

The event witnessed participation of over 100 speakers who contributed priceless insights about strategies, funding, branding, launching and setting up of dream businesses. It provided a bird’s eye view into the world of start-ups from the very people who've been there and done that. It was a good deal for entrepreneurs with a passion and the will to do it right and learn from the best.  

Alok Kejriwal, Founder & CEO, Games2win and Mobile2win chaired two sessions on Day 2, 25th July 2020 - “Ask Me Anything With Alok Kejriwal” and “#dhandhekibaat With Alok Kejriwal”. Talking about his entrepreneurial journey, Alok said, “I dabbled in Stocks, I dabbled in Transport and I realized that there was something about creating businesses on my own, as in not big businesses but kind of dhandha, something, some deal. Then I worked on some real glitches like the socks manufacturing business where every day few people used to come and ask for a bribe. And for a 22/23 years old, it’s a very depressing beginning that people are coming for things that we don’t owe them. Then I came on the internet very early in 1998-99 and that’s how I started.”

He suggested the aspiring entrepreneurs that there are so many opportunities around you. Never ever feel that all the ideas have been done and what can I do. There are at least a hundred new things worth exploiting at any given time – COVID or no COVID. And this is the true spirit of an entrepreneur. 

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