The Manufacturing Revolution Will Be Lead By IoT

And these startups and their big name, established clients seem to prove it. India’s mandate to increase its manufacturing output to contribute more to gross domestic product largely relies on policies according to most startups. But beyond those macro conditions, what will increase manufacturing output of tangible products will depend on efficient adoption of intangible software.

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We hope the irony is not lost on our readers as we take a look at three tech startups joining three large scale manufacturers in improving manufacturing efficiencies.

1. Covacsis helps KEC International Limited make a unified analytics engine that will plan production better.

KEC International Limited has revenue of 1.3 billion dollars and is India's second largest manufacturer of electric power transmission towers. It’s also one of the largest Power Transmission Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies in the world.

KEC’ s requirement was to bring all its data on one platform to optimize the productivity output and minimize operational costs.

Covacsis’ Intelligent Plant Framework™ is helping them track key KPIs (by directly acquiring the data generated from machines and controllers. Tracking these key KPIs is helping the KEC team analyze run time, cycle time, availability and operational efficiency of equipment in real time. The system also alerts all designated key stakeholders when there is any deviation in the KPIs from the benchmarks.

2. How Precimetrix is helping Samudra Electronic Systems monitor and control 100,000 public street lights

Samudra Electronic System Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and the manufacturing arm of SMC Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. The company offers intelligent LED lighting solutions that are efficient, and environmentally viable.

Samudra’s central monitoring system, powered by Precimetrix, provides smart street lighting system for Jaipur which has enabled overall minimum committed annual energy savings of 77.13 % in comparison to baseline; zero Investment project even for new lights for first seven years; 77.13 % savings in energy costs at an expense of only 22.87%.; 30.06% extra energy savings to Jaipur; reduction in maintenance cost by about 61.18%; consistent road illumination and maintenance of all installed LED lights, for a period of 10 years.

3. How Teramatrix is helping Hero MotoCorp increase accuracy in component testing

Hero MotoCorp Ltd. is the world's largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, based in India. Hero MotoCorp two wheelers are manufactured across four globally benchmarked manufacturing facilities in Gurgaon, Dharuhera, Haridwar and Neemrana.

Hero MotoCorp needed to transform the automotive component testing procedure at the Gurgaon manufacturing plant. Largely because any product failing in the market due to faulty components adversely impacts the financials of the automaker and the brand value along with loss of customer trust.

Teramatrix has implemented a connected quality control system for Hero MotoCorp to reduce human intervention in the quality testing process resulting in higher accuracy, efficiency and most importantly faster decision making. Their solutions have also resulted 24x7 continuity of various testing cycles, no deviation in testing plan priorities with system controlled automation, 20% expected increase in direct and indirect manpower productivity and KPI analysis to alert executives of potential problems.

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