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CMRSL directly engages both sides of the ecosystem, that is, the advertiser (demand-side) and publisher (supply-side). They create value for all the parties involved

Online services have accelerated during Covid19. The impact has been across most industries, and the consumer behaviour has permanently transitioned. This pattern is facilitated by the fact that India has 390 Mn smartphone users and 460 Mn internet users. The buck does not stop there, with India rapidly digitising, we are expected to have 1 Bn users by 2030. This is a good opportunity for companies to capitalise on the ever-expanding digital market.

One such platform which recognises this fact is Cyber Media Research And Services Limited (CMRSL) which is a technology-driven digital marketing service and data analytics company. CMRSL directly engages both sides of the ecosystem, that is, the advertiser (demand-side) and publisher (supply-side). They create value for all the parties involved, making it a win-win situation for all. CMRSL simplifies marketing for brands and publishers.

One of their key services is CyberAds which provides automated, AI/ML-based programmatic and media buying solutions. Their targeting engine provides Brands and Agencies end-to-end media buying creating better targeting and ROI across campaigns. CyberAds integrates across multiple inventory supplies to provide a single window of performance. This promotes efficiency and improved decision-making across the supply chain. In order to help brands organise themselves better across omni channels, CMRSL has a platform called CMGalaxy. This is done by integrating data across multiple channels including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as CRM systems like Shopify, etc.

The Auxo Ads platform of CMRSL allows publishers to optimize revenues and manage their traffic more effectively. Multiple demand sources compete for premium inventory and increase the publishers earning ability. Auxo Ads captures large user behaviour data that helps publishers understand their community better. The data collected helps to build better predictive models to improve monetization, traffic, and analysis. By using CMRSL, one can expect ready products to scale up in the digital marketing ecosystem Adtech industry is expected to grow at 30 percent CAGR.

The CMRSL platform was founded by Pradeep Gupta, Chairman of CyberMedia Group Companies founded CyberMedia in 1982. He is an angel investor who has mentored over 250 startups. A founder of Indian Angel Network, he has also been conferred the ‘National Entrepreneurship Award as the Best Mentor’ by the Government of India. Under his guidance the revenue for CMRSL  

 grew by 88 percent, EBITDA by 92 percent, and PAT by 228 percent, during FY2021-22.

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