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Telematics Will Revolutionize People’s Relationship With Their Car

It’s a place where they create many memories with their family. For some distinct others, it simplifies their commute to work.

Everyone has a special relationship with their cars. For some, it’s their first significant gift to themselves from their salary. For others, it’s a place where they create many memories with their family. For some distinct others, it simplifies their commute to work. Yet, every car owner wants the welling (literally) for their car and performs it optimally. Thankfully, technology allows one to understand your vehicle better, provide it with the necessary care, and ensure that it serves you well.

With the proliferation of high-speed internet and connected devices, telematics is increasingly finding its way into must-haves for every car owner. For the uninitiated, telematics is a method of monitoring vehicles using GPS technology and onboard diagnostics (OBD). Every vehicle manufactured after 2010 was mandated to have an OBD2 port in India. Vehicle owners can use a sophisticated artificial intelligence-powered mobile solution that connects with a car’s OBD port and update the owner about a car’s vital parameters on his smartphone. Once synched with the OBD port, the telematics solution scans through various car systems and shares real-time, actionable insights with the owner. Here are some tangible benefits of telematics for car owners: -

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: With live GPS tracking, a telematics solution helps the owner stay connected with his car. Moreover, real-time speed monitoring makes sure that the car is being used well to attain the best possible mileage.
  • Comprehensive Car Health Report: Besides speed, torque, mileage, there is a lot more that happens under the hood of a car. Thus, a car owner needs to regularly view vital parameters such as engine and transmission health, internal wear, and tear. Importantly, not everyone is equipped to understand these details. Until now, the only way that we had was to seek a mechanic inspection. A telematics solution simplifies the problem by digitally monitoring the vitals of a car and creating an intelligent health report.
  • Driving Behaviour Analysis: A telematics solution helps the owner improve their driving skills by analyzing their driving patterns on parameters such as harsh brakes, sudden acceleration, idling time, etc. The real-time, measurable feedback helps owners become better drivers over a period.
  • Smart Car Alerts: A telematics solution helps the owner receive crucial alerts such as accidents, towing, traffic fines etc., to make sure that they are in touch with the vehicle even without physically monitoring it. The user can set a geofencing to send an alert every time the car moves out of the specific periphery.
  • Anti-Theft Alarm: No measure is enough to safeguard the car against potential thefts. A telematics solution allows the owner to set a no-drive time frame. If the vehicle moves within the timeframe, it will treat it as unauthorized access and notify the owner. The feature provides an owner with adequate time to respond to unwanted theft incidents and perhaps stop these.
  • Emergency Calling: In the case of an event such as an accident, the solution can send an emergency alert to mobiles numbers predefined by the owner. This feature could be life-saving in many situations.

By no means, the above list covers all the benefits of using a telematics solution. There will be many more use cases that will continue to add on over a period of time. As Carmakers start using the solution, they can understand the benefits in detail. This, in turn, allows the vehicle to perform at its best and last longer.

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