Tattvan: Journey Of A Unique E-clinic

Tattvan’s Teleconference technology allows reputed doctors to examine and treat patients living in small towns

The idea behind this startup

Ayush Mishra is a road accident survivor who realized the severe gap between quality healthcare and patients, especially in smaller towns and cities of India. In 2008, Mr. Ayush was badly injured in a road accident in Bareilly. While being treated in a large metropolis he realized that smaller towns like Bareilly don’t have adequate medical facilities which lead him to change for better and he conceptualized Tattvan E-Clinics. 

The company has been driven by a vision to bring affordable and world-class healthcare to every individual, in any location. When patients visit Tattvan’s E-clinics they get consultation on-screen by a doctor who also sees them and can examine them, remotely. It is a fact that many people in India and overseas suffer needlessly due to lack of access to high quality healthcare

USPs of the brand 

What is Tattvan’s Business Model and future plans?

The business model is very simple. Patients who visit Tattvan’s E-clinics pay an OPD fee which is significantly lower than what is paid in traditional clinics. While an OPD at a leading hospital costs between INR 1,000 to INR 1,500, at Tattvan the cost of OPDs is merely INR 600. Hence, patients who are examined at Tattvan E-clinics pay less for the highest quality healthcare possible. Also, because patients are saved the distress of visiting a large city, they save considerable expenses when treated at Tattvan.

Tattvan has successfully established E-Clinics in many Tier II and Tier III cities like; their first E-Clinic in Bareilly in July 2018 and the other E-Clinics in Kashipur, Pilibhit, Rudrapur and Dehradun. 

Apart from aims to foray into international market, Tattvan also expects to have up to 50 E-clinics in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand by the end of 2019.

 Overseas Foray? Social Touch / CSR

Tattvan already has an overseas E-clinic in Kabul and have plans to open E-clinics in Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Uganda. As a responsible corporate citizen they realize to have an obligation in serving to those who are living in the communities where they are present. They fulfill this obligation by running free weekly medical camps. During such camps, patients who visit their E-clinic are examined by leading doctors free of cost. 

At Tattvan, they believe this service is crucial in small towns because although there are many who can afford to pay for medical care, many cannot. By serving such segments of the population, they allow them to enjoy the same standard of living as those who have access to the highest quality healthcare in large cities do.

The Paradigm Shift

Tattvan is one of the few serious players in the E-clinic sector. As an important player, they have discovered that once patients learn how effective treatments at e-clinics are, they recommend it to friends and families too. In small towns and cities, many who had no recourse but to be treated at clinics managed by quacks, flock to Tattvan because they know only a qualified physician will examine them here. High- speed internet in the hands of the masses has led to the circulation of a positive word of mouth wherever Tattvan has their clinics. Patients aren’t apprehensive about being treated by a doctor online, rather they welcome the privilege to be examined by a specialist.

By bringing the best physicians and technology together, Tattvan is not only bringing the highest quality healthcare to the masses, it is remolding mindsets by allowing the masses to feel comfortable using sophisticated technology. In smaller towns and cities, the prevalence of a trust barrier between doctors and patients is acute. Doctors in small towns and cities often give a wrong diagnosis, or when a patient is examined by more than 1 doctor, each gives the patient a different diagnosis. Because only the most qualified doctors examine patients at Tattvan, they’ve in a sense standardized healthcare and restored trust between patients and doctors. Patients who come to Tattvan receive the right diagnosis every time and aren’t confused by different diagnosis from multiple doctors.

Message to Young Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs said, “Stay young, stay foolish” and don’t abandon your dreams no matter how crazy they seem. So Mr. Ayush would also like to say that the best time to take risks is when people are young. Young entrepreneurs have a greater likelihood of success than those who’re older because their risk appetite is significantly greater. 

Often the most successful ideas are no brainers; meaning after they’ve been thought thru and implemented, people can’t believe how obvious they were. Having such ideas can be difficult or very easy, depending on how perceptive and open one is to their surroundings. So it’s important to keep eyes and ears open and try to understand why things are done as they are and discover how they can be improved.

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