Streamlyn Plans to Further Expand into the APAC Market Including Japan & Australia

Started with just 5 clients, the company now is working closely with more than 110 partners across the globe.

Streamlyn is a startup in the field of digital advertising, connecting global advertisers with right audience.

Incorporated on July 28, 2015, Streamlyn is headquartered in Singapore with operations in Bangalore, India and is founded by IIT graduates Naveen Kumar Chennala & Raja Chakraborty. At present, there are more than 25 people working with the company.

Streamlyn works on both sides of the spectrum in the digital world. On one hand, they help advertisers to deliver the message to the right audience and provide them with better ROI. On the other side, they help online publishers monetize their digital ad space.

The USP of Streamlyn is the technology behind its proprietary products, BidsXchange (Demand Side Platform) and StreamX (Supply Side Platform). The products are infused with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, helping both Advertisers & Publishers get the best ROI out of their campaigns. The three basic process that sets them above the rest in the market are: Programmatic Optimization Engine (is a mixture of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology which combines more than 30 data points while optimizing publisher inventory across all available demand), Anti-Fraud Filter (gives us the capability to block any arising non-human or suspicious traffic in real-time) and Real-time Robust Reporting (Our reporting is real-time, robust & transparent across publisher, placement, ad unit, and domain level. This opens a whole new world of niche parameters helping you evaluate your inventory and campaign performance granularly).

The primary focus is to help small and medium scale publishers from ground level and help them leverage their digital assets. Due to its highly efficient methods and proven ability to grow the bottom line, Streamlyn has contributed to the growth of numerous online publishers in terms of revenue and user base. They understand the value of content, and try to give it maximum worth during monetizing. Partnership with most of the demand side partners and direct advertisers gives the organization the advantage of choosing the best ad in real-time.

Products & Services:

A self-serve portal for SMB advertisers where they can easily upload their ads in the system. Once uploaded, advertisers can target the desired publishers and audience interest such shopping, technology, finance etc.

StreamX: A self-serve portal for publishers. Here publishers can login and procure scripts from the system which they later put in their site for displaying ads. The portal provides ads from different demand partners along with ads from BidsXchange. It ensures that publishers leverage the huge user base and generate extra revenues.

The company started on July 2015 with revenues for that year being $170K. By 2016, they saw a tremendous growth in numbers which is $1.2 million. In the present time, they are seeing a growth trend of 20% per month. Started with just 5 clients, the company now is working closely with more than 110 partners across the globe.

The primary goal of Streamlyn in APAC region has always been to become an added revenue proportion for publishers and enlighten them about the optimistic ways of increasing revenues. Streamlyn plans to further expand into the APAC market including Japan & Australia.

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