Strategising Social Media For Rise in Startups

Whether its building a VR company or playing tennis or making an innovation, showcasing company culture to promote the brand is a requisite.

The impact of social media is of primary significance l when it comes to expanding outreach, improving lead generation, promotion of the brand, engaging with the target audience. However, in various business ventures its significance take a backseat, as the founder does not understand the requirement of social media.

As per the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 97 per cent of organised marketers are using social media in India.The Pew Research Social Media 2013 study provides some beginner demographics for major social platforms. The report as presented by the Pew Research Social Media are -

•    Facebook is used by more women (76%) than men (66%), and more 18 to 29 year olds (84%) than any other age range.

•    Twitter is used by more black, non-hispanic internet users (29%) than white or Hispanic (16%), and more high-income earners (19%) than low (17%).

•    Instagram is used by more urban internet users (22%) than suburban (18%), and more 18 to 29 year olds (37%).

•    Pinterest is predominantly used by women (33% vs 8% of internet users who are men), and entertains a greater percentage of college graduates (25%) than any other network besides LinkedIn.

•    LinkedIn is the only network used by more men (24%) than women (19%), and more 30 to 49-year-olds (27%) than 50 to 64-year-olds (24%).

Improving Brand Recognition 

Developing a relation is an intangible capital to the company. The visual nature of many social media channels make it easy for brands to tell stories about themselves and their products. For most eCommerce brands marketing is about creating a lifestyle that defines the products you sell. You can use social media to share that lifestyle with your users and inspire them to see themselves, or a version of themselves they aspire to be, reflected in your brand.

Increasing Lead Generation 

Social media dissolves all demographic barriers, and lets it resolve itself. It helps in pulling in unexpected customers and also increase customer acquisition. In today’s competitive landscape businesses need to find creative new ways to stand out in the marketplace. Companies streamline social media promotions in such ways as is the focus of its customer behaviour.

Engage with Attendees at your event

Big data technologies, marketers can incorporate insights found through the real-time analysis of social data, product data or app-generated data into creative campaigns. Once the campaign is officially launched into the genuine marketplace, the success of the campaign can be effectively measured through the combined use of social and marketing analytics tools. Twitter walls are the popular choice at most of these events. In this way, this user generated content (UGC) builds an interactive experience for attendees, encourages collaboration, and creates conversation surrounding the event—a win for the event hosts and the attendees!

Its Real Time Marketing

Whether its building a VR company or playing tennis or making an innovation, showcasing company culture to promote the brand is a requisite. Make sure the customers you have are following you in social media so they can share content and help you generate new leads and customers. Moreover, showing the company in real time helps to transcend the thought leadership directly to the target audience.

A/B Testing 

Social media is the best platform to test a prototype. You can’t ever rule anything out right away. Test a new type of content for a couple weeks. If it outperforms your typical posts, then you have a new content type to add to your strategy within that platform.


Producing content considered useful by your community leads to loyalty. It is the most powerful epithet of a company, no matter the source or the medium.  It’s very common for people in online communities to pass around links to blog posts and other content they find useful. Social media community loyalty is such a valuable asset that you will ask you your accountant to find a way put it on your balance sheet.

Millennial Advocacy

Millennials know better than anyone how to leverage social networks to build social capital, track their friends’ rapidly changing lives and stay “in the know.” Imagine those skills applied to tracking your own customers through tools such as LinkedIn and NewsCred—or through tools others on your team might not even be aware of yet. Moreover, they can help your team find ways to use social media activity as a laser-site to focus broader marketing goals and initiatives and deploy resources where they’re most needed.

Low Cost for Marketing

Social media provides businesses with a cost effective way of reaching larger audiences. This is an inexpensive avenue that employers can utilize to reach their employees more effectively.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Apps on and Facebook allow you to show off your educational details, skills, work history and awards. All of these things can help you easily get noticed by potential employers.

Understand what drives your employee satisfaction 

Set up your own internal social media site to gain a perspective on what motivates and troubles people.  Conduct your own formal employee surveys. Create social media use policies that make sense to employees and encourage responsible use. Focus on empowering employees. Harness the energy of an employer and turn it to an optimistic vision.

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