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Startups & Innovation: COVID-19

Commencing from a state of bewilderment to now finally understanding ways and means to tackle the situation, India is ready to live with the ongoing pandemic and its aftermath.

 Lasting impacts were seen on various sectors with the heathcare sector asking for major aid. To support the healthcare infrastructure and bolster the monitoring system with tech-enabled innovations, Indian startups are closely working to achieve results. 

Major Tech Innovations

New-Delhi based PerSapien has developed a mini robot named ‘Minus Corona UV Bot’ to sterilize hospital corridors, wards, ICUs and patient rooms which is done by using ultraviolet light having a wavelength of 254 nm along with a camera on the top of the robot for remote monitoring.

On similar lines was, Asimov Robotics, a kerala based startup deployed robots at entrances to office buildings and other public places to dispense hand sanitiser, deliver public health messages about the virus and also to carry food and medicines, in hospital isolation wards.

In response to the shortage of ventilators for critical care startups like, Ethereal machines manufactured 3D printing ventilator splitters which can manage two different patients with unique needs via differential pressure splitting. 

Another Chennai Based startup Big Bang Boom, developed a remotely operated ventilator system to help doctors remotely monitor the condition of the patient. Additionally, they are  also working to create an inexpensive DIY kit for manufacturing ventilators.

Start-ups are further supporting the government’s public information campaign on coronavirus by developing platforms to disseminate government notifications. The Kerala state government launched an app called GoK Kerala Direct, with a platform developed by QKopy which sends Covid-19 updates and travel information via phone notifications, and via SMS to older phones for the indian population without smartphones.

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