Startup HR Toolkit: Making HR Documentation Transparent & Easier

Last year, the company launched HR Toolkit in international markets including UAE, Gulf, Nigeria and Kenya. It plans to expand in emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia and eyeing to capture a 75 per cent market share in these geographies

The paper-intensive processes demand a lot of operational executions, especially in HR but here is the technology to the rescue. The redundant tasks that were being done manually are now to be replaced by technology-assisted with AI and ML. 

HR documents are being neglected by most SMEs in India resulting in the loss of crores of rupees due to employee attrition and other similar employee issues. “The biggest learning has been that employees would trust the companies which lay strong emphasis on having a system that allows feasible and transparent HR documentation,” says Waqar Azmi, Founder, Startup HR Toolkit.

During the pandemic when companies witnessed a complete halt, SutraHR saw an opportunity in HR documents space and launched India’s first HR toolkit and named it StartupHR Toolkit. 

The idea behind Startup HR Toolkit is to make HR Documentation an easy and quick process. Today, more than 25000 organisations in India, as well as across the globe are using StartupHR Toolkit. The team started working on the idea in 2019, did a soft launch in Nov 2019 and launched full-fledge around February 2020. Speaking on the lines of target audiences, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, startup founders, management (CEO, Cofounders, CXOs) are at the centre of focus.  

Sustaining in the increasingly competitive segment of HR tech, Startup HR Toolkit has compiled over 2000 HR docs from some of the most experienced HR professionals. All the documents are in word format or excel format and can be easily edited by anyone. The Toolkit helps HR professionals to make any HR docs in minutes that helps them to save time, money, and energy. 

“We are a category creator as we are the first HR toolkit not only in India but in the world. We sell one HR Toolkit every hour,” claims Waqar Azmi, Founder, Startup HR Toolkit. Unlike SAAS which is software, this is a handy tool that doesn’t require any training and can be used by anyone. It is extremely affordable starting even an HR student can buy and use this product without burning a hole in his pocket.

It is a completely bootstrapped and profitable company. The biggest challenge is scale and distribution in this new category, they call it Fast-moving Business Good (FMBG). The enterprise is focused to create its targeting distribution channel for HR professionals and Startups. It is using all kinds of mediums to reach our target audience.

Analysing the market response, it is seeing an upward trend. In the last nine months, some of the biggest brands including Khatabook, WazirX, Haptik, Dream11, Mamaearth, Victorinox, Open Bank, etc are their customers.



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