Spark Studios: Firm Focus On Learning Experience

In the last two years, Spark Studio has managed to raise USD 1.9 million dollars from startup accelerator Y Combinator

Google India’s second cohort list of women entrepreneurs under its accelerator program, is a testament to the blooming rise of women-backed enterprises in India. Under the program, Google would lend its support of mentorship and networking to boost the growth of startups.

Bangalore-based startup Spark Studio, run by Anushree Goenka is an extracurricular edtech platform. 

By integrating technology with basic developmental courses for children, Spark Studio has made its way out in the pool of companies. After the pandemic, as students got exposed to the existing setup of offline education, EdTech companies saw a sharp decline in their revenues. Following this, the market witnessed huge layoffs by the companies.

But, Spark Studio remain committed to its role of providing credible services to children. In the last two years, it has managed to raise USD 1.9 million dollars from startup accelerator Y Combinator.

In May 2021, the startup raised early-stage funds in a Seed Round from Better Capital. 

A graduate of IIM Ahmedabad, Anushree Goenka’s journey began as a consultant at Monitor Group for five years. Following this, Anushree joined Swiggy and served in one of the core leadership teams. Despite everything, She recalls that she was not happy because she was not being able to drive an impact in her job.

During the pitching rounds at venture capital firms, she shared that everybody had a synonymous voice that 'Why can’t Byjus kill you?'. She addressed her concerns, but nothing worked to her benefit. At that phase, she figured that the current ecosystem in our education lacks high-quality arts and liberal education. 

Then she began the task of integrating every bit of extra-curricular activities in the nodule such as Public speaking, painting and music among others.

Affirming her stand, she mentioned that if Spark Studio withstood major bumps then it is due to our obsession with the products and services. Our constant attention to the needs and demands of customers to develop the desired product has kept us afloat, she added.

Spark Studio claims to have over 15 extracurricular courses in three categories - music, communications, and visual arts. Hundreds of children across India, Middle East, South-East Asia, and the UK are currently learning with them.

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