Singapore Based Log- Tech Startup Ezyhaul Raises US$16 Million in Series B Funding

Ezyhaul’s platform allows clients to make easy online bookings for domestic and cross-border transportation services

Ezyhaul, a Singapore headquartered log-tech startup has raised US$16 Million in series B funding to expand to new markets in South Asia and also drive further technological innovation to offer a complete plug and play model for its clients through its online platform. 

Founded in Singapore in April 2016, Ezyhaul is focused on improving efficiencies in the highly fragmented US$150 billion road freight industry in South Asia. The company uses advanced technology to efficiently connect businesses in need of transportation services with pre-qualified transporters in the highly fragmented road freight market in South Asia. 

Ezyhaul was founded in 2016 by Mudasar Mohamed (COO), Raymond Gilllon (CEO) and Nicky Lum (Director Sales), three veterans from the logistics industry, aided by an interdisciplinary group of advisors and investors. Ezyhaul provides a range of online logistics services and technology solutions that offer medium sized and larger businesses, as well as logistics service providers a quick, efficient, reliable, and cost effective way to manage their domestic and cross-border transportation needs. 

In the past 12 months Ezyhaul has grown more than 900% after successfully completing its US$5 million series A fundraise in 2018. Ezyhaul has since taken the time to reinforce its presence in South Asia, included expanding its operations in India and Thailand, and with also integrating a cross border solution that currently stretches from China to Singapore.

COO and Co-Founder, Mudasar Mohamed states “Businesses spend a lot of money and time as a result of unpredictable and unreliable freight movements. The Ezyhaul platforms empowers our clients with choice of carriers, scale and operational intelligence to achieve improved logistics performance and reduced costs.”

Having a presence in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand more than 50 million kg of freight was transported via Ezyhaul’s platform in 2018 alone. Today, several companies are relying on Ezyhaul such as Coca Cola, Reliance Industries, Exide Industries, HIL, DHL and DB Schenker.

Ezyhaul’s platform allows clients to make easy online bookings for domestic and cross-border transportation services. Transportation companies use Ezyhaul’s app to accept shipments, maximize their vehicle utilization and reduce empty backhauls. Ezyhaul is building a full ecosystem to support their transport partners with running their business and improve the quality of the lives of the drivers.

The platform includes integrated dynamic route optimization technology that builds the most efficient delivery routes, optimizes vehicle utilization and minimizes total transportation costs. This improves the revenue derived per vehicle for transporters, while reducing the costs of shipping for clients - creating a win-win environment in a traditionally combative environment.

The platform also provides real-time track and trace visibility and access to electronic documentation, invoicing and e-PODs (proof of delivery). The company has also recently launched a highly advanced control tower that monitors truck movements, provides intelligent exception alerts and predicts estimated time of arrival for shipments through advanced machine learning algorithms.

Furthermore, clients have access to online reporting and advanced analytics to get detailed insight in their logistics performance. Ezyhaul expects to further its leadership in the regional digital freight and logistics management space through the introduction of the next generation of its advanced technology led platform later this year.

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