Simple, Secure, Scalable, And Self-Serve Is The Continuous Motto For Intellicus: Rajesh Murthy, VP, Intellicus Technologies

Data analysis is enabling startups and MSMEs in making informed decisions as it helps in identifying trends and patterns and uncovers hidden risks and potential next steps.

Brief us about the Demand for business analytics during pandemics?

The pandemic has accelerated the need for business data analytics, in the dynamically evolving world of business, where the tides continue to shift, analytics has become an essential navigational tool. Analytics is supporting businesses today by understanding customer behaviour trends, forecasting demand, identifying potential supply-chain disruptions, targeting at-risk workers, determining the effectiveness of crisis intervention strategies, and so on. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, most organizations are working remotely. Their ways of business operation are also changing drastically thus encouraging them to embrace business data analytics. Data and process analytics provide organizations with richer information that is accurate and up to date. These are helping businesses drive real-time operational and tactical decisions across the organization.

The number of clients increased during the time of the pandemic?

We have added 5 embedded-BI partnerships and 20 new clients during the pandemic.

How is a data-driven approach benefiting startups and MSMEs to retain the business?

Owing to a large amount of structured and unstructured data, it is difficult to access and manage relevant information. Therefore, using data analytics is critical for startups and MSMEs. It has become an essential navigating tool for companies to grow, especially during and after the pandemic. From forecasting demand to improving customer experience and optimizing product management, data analytics is helping companies to draw out meaningful insights.

Data analysis is enabling startups and MSMEs in making informed decisions as it helps in identifying trends and patterns and uncovers hidden risks and potential next steps. The data-driven approach is also empowering companies to know the customer needs beforehand. There is a paradigm shift in customer behavior, and businesses are leveraging the technology to understand it and align their products/services accordingly. It helps companies make their marketing campaigns more audience centric. Data analytics solutions are also enabling businesses to identify other potential opportunities and maximize profits. It helps them to recognize problems and work on eliminating the risk while taking necessary actions before it’s too late.

How do AI-based analytics and reporting solutions empower retailers to better understand their customers, foresee future trends, and optimize overall operations?

The AI/ML technology not only predicts individual consumer behavior but also analyzes mass consumer trends. Both of these are important to do efficient marketing campaigns, procurement, stock replenishment, and provide discounts, to name a few.

Also, by analyzing mass consumer behavior and purchases, businesses can segment customers into various groups and target the right marketing campaigns for each of them. They can also identify the right pricing to increase sales. Businesses can identify buying patterns, market trends, socioeconomic conditions, and other factors to accurately forecast revenue. They can also manage inventory and supply chain better with demand forecasting, and prevent losses. From enhancing marketing campaigns to generating personalized recommendations, the cutting-edge technology can give retailers a much-needed competitive advantage.

What is data architecture and how does it help for data transformation?

Simply put, it is the process of standardizing how enterprises collect, co-relate, and analyze huge amounts of data. All these serve a single purpose, which is to deliver relevant data when they need it. As it’s already known fact that big data has exploded in the last few years and the rate of new data is constantly growing. Data architecture is bridging the gap between business leaders and IT and providing them with a platform to generate insights to power the business forward in the age of digitization. This is further helping organizations to take business-related decisions effectively in addition to providing speed, flexibility, and innovation. 

What are your future expansion plans? Is Intellicus Technologies working on any new project?

Simple, Secure, Scalable, and Self-serve is the continuous motto for Intellicus. We are working to bring simplified self-serve data analytics solutions to enterprises that encapsulate complex data structures and solve unsolved problems at an unprecedented speed of implementation.

Most of our new solutions now include built-in AI ML logic to adapt to new and upcoming scenarios automatically and are flexible for end-users to adopt easily.

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