Sexual Wellness Startup Kindly Creating Segment For Sexual Awareness

"We are the pioneers of India’s first at-home-semen tests not only for fertility concerns but also for other lifestyle disorders," claims Nilay Mehrotra, Founder and CEO, Kindly

Kindly offers solutions to sexual and lifestyle concerns for both men and women under our sub-brands - Kindly His and Kindly Hers. We realised there’s a need for a full stack solution that includes at-home diagnostics, convenient expert consultations, and scientifically-proven supplements. Kindly is the only brand in India to offer at-home-semen tests. Our tests are focused not just on fertility issues, but also on lifestyle disorders which are extremely prevalent amongst men and women today.

2. What are the unique key points (USP) of your company?

We are the pioneers of India’s first at-home-semen tests not only for fertility concerns but also for other lifestyle disorders. Our supplements are free from side effects and crafted by experts with a vision to improve the overall sexual health of consumers.

3. How are you different from the existing competitors?

We are on a mission to normalize taking care of our sexual health. To achieve this, we have launched India’s first at-home-semen tests paired with free expert consultation and 100% safe supplements that focus on lifestyle and sexual health.

4. What is the monetization model?

Our supplements will be sold directly on our website. This would be for customers who are only looking for supplements for health concerns. We will also be supplying through marketplaces such as - amazon, flipkart, pharmeasy. We offer solutions to sexual and related health concerns for both men and women - from at-home diagnostics, and convenient expert consultations, to scientifically-proven nutraceuticals.

5. What challenges are you facing in running your business?

1. Our mission is to revolutionize how sexual health is perceived. It is never easy to do something this ambitious. Today, sperm health is considered to be only related to fertility which is only the half-truth. There are so many lifestyle disorders that arise due to poor sperm health which are unknown to 90% of the people

2. Segment creation for sexual awareness is a vital process but takes time to enter the health and wellness market

3. Social stigma around women who are unaware of issues like excruciating period pain, vaginismus which need to be addressed

The challenge is to educate people on looking out for themselves, not just mentally and physically, but also sexually.

6. Impact of the pandemic? How has been your customer's response so far post lockdown?

The pandemic has increased demand for home testing and home services which has led us to an accelerated market. Due to the increased interest towards convenient diagnostics, people are willing to spend more time for an at-home semen test booking. We were also quite excited about the referrals we have received (which increased multifold).

7. What are the traction details (achievements of the company)?

It reassures us about the belief in our brand knowing that more than 70-80% of the men who went through at-home semen tests, experienced improved sperm health. As we relaunch, we’re looking at a 50% MOM growth in customer acquisition with a 30% retention rate.

8. How do you look at expansion?

Our goal is to become a lifestyle brand and a TOM solution brand for most lifestyle dysfunctions. We are looking at a MOM customer acquisition growth of 50% and retention rate of at least 30-40%

9. What are your marketing plans?

As a brand that understands the category, we are planning to have a heavy presence on social media to stay relevant. We want to create a community with a vision to be the category expert and leader.

10. What has been the biggest learning so far?

Having a thorough understanding of the market is very significant. If a brand operates in a field like sexual wellness and lifestyle, it also becomes important to connect emotionally with the audience. Focusing on customer insights will help formulate winning strategies in the long term.

11. What is the market size and opportunity?

The sexual wellness industry in India is to increase to INR 2 billion by 2030 and the wellness industry is INR 490 billion. There is a large chunk of the untapped market to penetrate. Demand creation will be our focus.

12. What are your future plans, with respect to the Indian Market?

At this point, we are the only brand in India that offers at-home sperm tests. In addition to this, we focus on improving sperm health not just for fertility issues but also for lifestyle dysfunctions. We’re going strong on creating a separate category and will also be expanding into other lifestyle categories in the long term.

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