Serial Entrepreneur at it again with ‘Scooterson’ (Tesla for 2 Wheelers)

Deepansh’s earlier startup was acquired by Paytm for $8M. His new collaboration, ‘Scooterson’, is the world’s first AI powered electric scooter

It's a scooter that promises to drive at 11 rupees per 100 km.

Deepansh Jain aged 26 is a serial entrepreneur from India. Whilst, studying at India’s premier engineering college, he founded his first startup Juvines, later acquired for half a million dollars. Soon after the acquisition, he cofounded and developed Shifu App, an A.I powered context-aware personal assistant application for mobile phones. A few months after attracting investment from Google executives, Shifu App was acquired for 8 million dollars by Paytm.

Later in 2016, Deepansh and Mihnea de Vries (Scooterson’s founder) met at a tech conference. Mihnea was interested to hear more about how A.I. can improve energy efficiency for electric vehicles. After synergizing similar thoughts, Deepansh joined Scooterson as a cofounder with the mission to bring A.I. optimisation to electric two-wheelers.

We started with the question:

“What will happen to the two-wheeler vehicles if they remain dumb in the era of self-driving cars, shared-mobility and A.I.?” Scooterson is the world's first intelligent electric scooter that will drive itself and enables it for shared mobility to make it accessible to wide variety of audience. Thus, it covers three verticals: electric vehicles, self driving and ride-sharing, to create the best user experience.

Features of Scooterson 

Economical – Electricity costs for riding the scooter is 11 rupees for 100 kilometres and you don’t need any license or registration

No Learning Required - No balancing and prior cycling experience are required. Scooterson technology is powered by self-balancing mechanism. Interesting fact is you don't need a license to ride it

Predict Destination - It predicts the route and load the destination, so now Rolley know where are you going and how far your destination is, it can adapt power and speed so that you don’t end up running out of battery before reaching home. It has dynamic energy management with adapt torque to match with available battery levels

Automatic Speed Control - It controls speed by analysing body gesture. So if you feel scary or stuck in traffic, it can just float and make you feel comfortable

Adaptive Lighting - It adapts with daylight under all conditions by turning light on/off. Isn’t that a simple thing? Yet we are in age of dumb two-wheelers!

AutoLock And Theft Lock - It auto locks when parked. When someone else other than the owner tries to move it, it blocks the tires and raises an alarm to notify the owner

Build in GPS Tracking - In caMadse, the Rolley gets stolen, its GPS helps in tracking

Made of Aerospace Material
- At Scooterson our design aesthetics is to make product as easy as it can be so we used Aerospace material to make it strong and lighter. It weighs just 20 kg

Always Connected - It connects to smartphone and watch to display speed, battery status, ride statistics and other traffic-relevant data acquired from the cloud

Sharing - Using the App, your friends and colleagues can request access to use your Rolley. The cloud-based sharing management system will send you a notification to grant access

Multiple Owner - Rolley differentiates between your friend and you by style of driving and physical profile

Keyless - Your smartphone or watch acts as a key, when the device is located within the predefined auto lock-unlock range. The security mode will automatically activate when you leave a short distance from the scooter. The built-in GPS signal can be tracked live on the owner’s mobile device if the vehicle is stolen

Haptic Feedback - It knows your route and gives turn by turn navigation feedback

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