Sequoia India Led $2.3 M Seed Fund Round For TrueFoundry

A machine learning startup truefoundry raises $2.3 million to develop its Machine Learning product for small businesses and startups

TrueFoundry raises $2.3 million around INR 18 crore (1 USD = 79.69) in a seed funding round led by Sequoia India and South East Asia’s Surge according to the media reports.  It is a machine learning developer platform that enables startups to deploy and monitor machine learning models at the speed of big tech companies - in minutes or days instead of weeks or months. 

Naval Ravikant co-founder of angel List and Eniac Ventures were also a participant in the funding round. The media report says that the funds will be used to hire more talent and to develop their product. The products of True Foundry can be deployed in five minutes by machine learning developers, It caters to ML developers of small businesses and startups which will make the whole process 10 times faster than mentioned  In the media reports.

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