Resergene Biosciences - Medical Nutrition Company Engaged in the Sales and Marketing of nutritional & Other Healthcare Related Products

The company’s future expansion plan will start from Aug 2016 in identifying talent and hiring. Its focus initially will be to bolster the existing field force in the states it is currently operating and then move to Mumbai and Delhi.

Improving health and outcomes of patients suffering from various types of diseases or illnesses is one of the major challenges faced by the medical community. Medical Nutrition is now getting increasingly recognised as key to effective disease management that help improve clinical outcomes.

Resergene Biosciences is an upcoming Medical Nutrition Company engaged in the Sales and Marketing of innovative nutritional and other healthcare related products. Started with the sole idea of bringing a new dimension in the way patients are managed through Medical nutrition, Resergene Biosciences is building its reputation by offering nutritional solutions for people with specific dietary needs related to illnesses or diseases by discovering and developing products that meet the changing nutrition needs of patients, thereby helping and improving the quality of life of people of all ages. In doing so, Resergene plays a key role in not only bringing down the incidence of chronic diseases but also in reducing the cost of treating them and transforming the quality of lives of millions of patients.

Idea, business model and its USP

Rise in chronic diseases due to lifestyle changes, increased disposable income, malnutrition and awareness is fuelling the growth of the Nutraceutical market that is expected to grow from the current 1928 Cr to 3882 Cr by 2021 with a CAGR of 11%. The first victim of this lifestyle change has been food habits - Consumption of junk food has increased manifold leading to a number of diseases related to nutritional deficiencies such as Obesity, Diabetes, CV diseases including dyslipidemia, Cancer and others. On the other hand, the incidence of malnutrition among children and pregnant women is very high compared to many other developing countries. Nearly 1 million children below 5 yrs die each year due to malnutrition which is above the emergency threshold for acute malnutrition and new mothers are adolescents and 75% are anaemic and put on less weight during pregnancy than they should. Therefore, the Indian market offers a tremendous amount of opportunity for growth due to its population size that includes both the newly diagnosed patients and also the existing patient population.

With this in mind, Resergene Biosciences was conceptualised on 17th Jan 2014 by B V Srinivas and a few of his ex -colleagues having a fairly good knowledge of the food and nutrition industry. Due to significant delays in various regulatory approvals, Resergene obtained the Certificate of incorporation on the 2nd of Jun 2014. The first order was executed on 7th July 2014 with just 2 products. Its portfolio now has a little over half a dozen products. The company is also in the process of expanding its product pipeline and also the field force/market coverage in days to come.

Resergene’s business model focuses on nutrition supplements that support different stages of the health of the patients - from diagnosis to treatment, as they offer the potential for growth and profitability. Currently, the firm focus is to support general health conditions followed by Cancer, Diabetes, Renal disease as they are the key growth areas. Its future focus will be on specialised nutrition for Bariatric surgery/obesity, Cardiovascular, hepatic diseases and pre-digested foods, as they offer the best opportunity for growth due to very few competitors and price advantage.

USP: Growing health and nutrition brand that is affordable and best in class

Growth / traction achieved till date

. Boot strapped company that has turned cash positive in 21 months.

∙ Sales: 25 lacs in 2014-15 to 75 lacs in 2015-16 with a growth rate of approximately 225%

∙ Repeated purchases from leading hospitals achieved in 2015-16 and continuing. (St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore (State Govt), Air force Command Hospital, Bangalore (Ministry of Defence), JIPMER, Pondicherry (Central Govt), Manipal Hospital, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, Sri. Ramachandra Medical College Hospital, Chennai. etc.

∙ Products are well accepted by more than 2000 doctors and nutritionists

∙ Its channel partners have significant coverage, reach and strength in various private and Govt. institutions.

Achievements, future strategy & expansion plans

In a short span of 21 months, Resergene has been able to turnaround the business from Cash negative to Cash positive. Its sales have grown from 24 lacs in 2014-15 to 76 lacs in 2015-16 with a very minimal sales staff of just 7 people. The company expects to close the current financial year with sales of 1.20 Cr with the same field force. Due to limited financial resources, the firm is operating only in a few places such as Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Trissur and Calicut.

With the current level of investment, in the next 5 years, Resergene is confident of increasing its sales from 1.20 Cr to 6 Cr.

Its strategy is to focus on

1. New innovative and concept products with early mover advantage.
2. Expand the market with additional field force and newer territories.
3. Focus on Govt and other Institutional business.
4. Opening avenues for exports.
5. Value based tie ups and partnerships.

The company’s future expansion plan will start from Aug 2016 in identifying talent and hiring. Its focus initially will be to bolster the existing field force in the states it is currently operating and then move to Mumbai and Delhi.

About Team and their expertise


A senior business professional with experience in sales and marketing delivery in a wide variety of senior roles in India and the Gulf region. Broad experience of the full marketing mix and business development for R&D products and branded generics in complex and demanding markets that require compliance to rigorous fiscal controls and governance frameworks in AstraZeneca UK. Similar roles but not limited to include recruitment, product development, clinical studies etc in British Biologicals, Bangalore. 


A senior leading surgeon with over 30 yrs of experience in teaching medical students. Broad experience of working under difficult conditions in Armed forces at various levels. Special interest in Medical nutrition. Has many publications to his credit. Currently working as Professor in one of the leading medical college and research centre in Bangalore.


A competent strategic management professional having experience in business planning and management. A progressive professional with exposure to multiple industries and start-ups such as Simplilearn, Edutech, Nutraceuticals, Pharma, Wound care. Strong creative & inventive skills with a flexible and detail oriented attitude.

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