Rebranding Opens New Avenues

2023 is going to be an eventful year for Grapes. The company will be focussing on growing the revenue and curating data-driven content

2022 has been touted as a tough year for startups. What were some of the challenges your company faced and how did you tackle these?

For Grapes, 2022 has been a pretty good year. We rebranded the agency from Grapes Digital to Grapes which opened new avenues for us. We came to be recognised as an integrated marketing agency and as an end-to-end service provider to clients. Going forward, we also onboarded some new clients like Zee News, Faces Canada, JBL, CP Plus, Lava, Truebil, and many others.

What are your expectations from 2023? Will some of the growth drivers kick in again or will it continue to be a cautious year as well?

At present we expect 2023 to be full of new discoveries and opportunities, where we aspire to come up with more creative work adding value to our clients. But at the same time, we are quite aware of the dampening economic conditions being starkly felt across the globe. Strategically planning the year calendar can be a great way to navigate the volatile market.

Please share more on how 2022 panned out for your company in terms of revenue targets?

Looking back at the year, it can be said that Grapes has transcended a lot in 2022. The pandemic came up with its own set of challenges which acted like a speed breaker in the path of smooth work. But with things coming back to normalcy this year, we were able to surpass our performance in 2021 and even meet the revenue of 2019. The year has been very productive in terms of outshining performance where we are on the path of uninterrupted growth both in terms of work and revenue. The decision of rebranding to Grapes was a positive step that helped us broaden our horizon and secure some promising mergers and partnerships. And taking the journey ahead, we aspire to grow by 30 per cent in the next quarter.

What are some of your plans for 2023 and the areas of interest/ investment in the year ahead?

According to the plan chalked out for 2023, it is going to be an eventful year. In the upcoming year, we will be focusing on two goals. While growing the revenue will always be at the core of our existence, we are planning to go aggressive in curating astonishing work. As we are already on the path of doing some great work like NFT for DS Group, #LogOnToTheRoads for Myntra and many more brands, we are determined to come up with more creative work in the future as well. Going forward, we will be keen on curating data-driven content. Delving on the work we create, we will also be focusing on international awards where we aspire to enter Cannes, and Effie awards next year.

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