Rashi Bahel Mehra – A Woman Who Nurtured a Skincare Brand Out of the Kitchen

Rashi’s Journey with Alanna began when she noticed a gap in the beauty industry in India.

A young women entrepreneur, Rashi Bahel Mehra is the Founder of Alanna, a 100% natural and vegan skincare brand who believes in the mantra – ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Rashi’s Journey with Alanna began when she noticed a gap in the beauty industry in India. Skin care industry was flooded with chemically-infused products whereas, the natural or organic products were priced at premium points.

With humble beginnings, she amassed diverse experience while exploring the length and breadth of the marketing world in a very short span of time and applied the same as she planned her breakthrough with Alanna, a natural and vegan skincare brand that is affordable for an average Indian consumers. She began with homemade batches, initially selling them only to friends and family. The reviews she received were exhilarating and therefore, she formally launched Alanna in 2015 with an array of 28 products. The brand follows a full disclosure policy and the recipes are kept simple to retain each product’s effectiveness. Every ingredient used by Alanna is sourced from Mother Nature’s lap to preserve its wholesomeness.

Alanna, certified by FDA, QMP, ISO and PETA, houses a range of personal care products that includes lip balms, face packs, moisturizers, under-eye gels, scrubs, toners & body mists, hair-oils, SLS free shower-gels, cold-processed soaps and shampoo – bars. An Alanna product contains essential oils, fruit and nut extracts with misty fragrances that are obtained from natural ingredients only.

Rashi wears the hat of a Master’s in Business Administration decorated with eclectic prized feathers of reputation and excellence she had gathered during her 10 years stint in the corporate world. She kick-started her journey as Product Manager at Tata Communications, eventually moving to strategic marketing team, senior level customer relations and Accounts Development. Moving on to work with Lenovo and Samsung, both companies further accentuated her abilities with a holistic learning experience in the arena of Global Retail Marketing. During the decade in the corporate world, Rashi achieved various milestones like winning the ‘Extra Mile’ award in 2012 and the ‘Rising Star’ award in 2013, and ‘The Best Marketing Manager’ award in 2014 at Samsung. She was also awarded for her outstanding performance at Samsung for three consecutive years and the ‘Team excellence Award’ for special contribution to EMEA marketing at Lenovo. ‘Partner Progress’ award in Tata Communications was the culmination of the new cloud service which she successfully launched despite belligerent timelines.

Being a Women Entrepreneur herself, she realized that every girl deserves equal opportunities and a chance to fulfill her dreams. It was here that Rashi started working with UNICEF to raise funds for their campaign of ‘Girl Child Education’. Alanna also employs women from socially backward zones of Maharashtra in order to empower them and sources every herb from Indian forests and farms making it a truly Indian brand for a true Indian.

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