Piggy Launches Ample App For Families To Manage Personal Finances

As per the Indian government, the unclaimed deposits have risen to ₹32,000 crore with banks and insurance companies, creating the need to safely transfer your wealth to your loved ones.

Piggy, a Y-Combinator funded start-up, today announced the launch of their new mobile application Ample, for iOS and Android in India and across the globe. The app is designed to allow families to manage and track their wealth in one place and safely transfer portfolio details to a family member at the right time. The company has integrated with PLAID (recently acquired by VISA for $5.3 Billion) to securely auto-update balances and supports all the major currencies and crypto-assets.

With the increased uncertainties over health, jobs, and finances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is forced to quickly adapt to address the current context, while also being cognizant about the likelihood of receiving unpleasant news from loved ones. Although discussing money matters with family is difficult due to the fear of being judged or getting unsolicited advice, letting them know about it is essential to ensure they don’t face hardships when something unexpected happens, such as an accident or death. As per the government, the unclaimed deposits have risen to ₹32,000 crores with banks and insurance companies creating the need to safely transfer your wealth to your loved ones. 

With Ample app, consumers will be able to keep track of assets, investments, cryptocurrencies, debts, insurance, and other important documents in one place and transfer it to a loved one in the event of death. By setting the criteria, if the user account becomes inactive for a certain period, the beneficiaries are notified automatically, and the wealth is secured for loved ones. 

Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Mantha, Co-Founder at Piggy, said, “Ample is part of Piggy’s vision of solving personal finance problems in people’s lives. Covid-19 has compelled us to re-look at our finances and safeguarding the monetary well-being of the family doesn’t stop at saving money or buying adequate insurance cover. Letting your closed ones know about it is critical to make sure that they do not face hardships later since billions of dollars are lost this way across the world. Ample app is a step further in the industry, designed specifically to protect your wealth and to safely transfer it to the beneficiary in case of unfortunate incidents.”

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