Permissionless Raises $250 K Via Community Support

Permissionless a decentralised autonomous organisation raises $2.5 lakh via community support in less than 48 hours. It aims to leverage blockchain to eliminate trust issues on a technical level

A decentralised autonomous organisation, Permissionless, raises $2,50,000 via community support in less than 48 hours- a first in India. Permissionless was founded by Roshan Vadassery a Gen-Z Entrepreneur.

Permissionless aims to leverage blockchain to eliminate trust issues on a technical level while working towards making the world an ‘OPEN SOURCE’ platform. Not just that, their $PRTN token jumped from 0.01 to 0.4 dollars, making it a 3900% increase, which saw a trading volume of 1 million dollars on the first day of its launch. 

“Enabling the future of fundraising, Roshan became India’s first-ever entrepreneur to raise funds via community support in the open-source web3/blockchain space with more than 150 participants; making Permissionless the only Indian company to do so without involving any VCs/ Investors.” said in a statement by the company.

“Ever since I started coding for Nokia phones at the age of 11, I always knew that sovereign computing will be the future. Today we are wooing the industry with leveraging this beautiful technology that is ‘blockchain’. In order to do so, I launched Permissionless in July 2022 with the aim of building a public infrastructure for the new web and solving complex problems with deep tech while also introducing ‘open source’ to the new world. The feeling of raising a spectacular amount within 48 hours via a community support is a step closer to unlocking one achievement on the list of many more.” said Rohan Vadassery- Founder of Permissionless.

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