Our goal Is To Create A Scalable & Replicable Model: Mihir Menda, Founder, Mex.

In an interview with Mihir Menda, Founder, Mex. talks about how it enables and assists asset owners in lowering asset maintenance costs and extending the life of the asset

What is Mex.? What made you start this platform?
Mex. is an integrated technology platform that aims to transform real assets and create communities that are connected and engaged. A digital insurgent in the realm of the built environment, Mex. possesses imagineering, through the interplay of design and technology, creating a platform to intervene and uplift a real asset at any stage of its lifecycle. What we have designed and developed is an application that transforms the space by elevating social experience through creative intervention, basically MEX-ing the real asset, and making it future-ready.

Thanks to Bengaluru’s thriving start-up ecosystem, I was naturally drawn towards technology. In 2019, we began developing a technology platform that would redefine how office workers experience workspaces and collaborate while working. As a result, Mex. was born in 2020. 

Talk about your USPs. How do you stand unique from your peer competitors?
Our biggest USP is the VALUE that we bring to three key groups of users - asset owners, enterprises, and members. Any product's primary aim is to solve problems and provide value to its users. The industry-defining technology platform offers a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive suite of tools and solutions that help asset owners transform their assets, help enterprises increase productivity, and help members enjoy more interactive workspaces. Mex. simply offers a transformative, productive, and interactive workspace to all of its users. 

It also enables and assists asset owners in lowering asset maintenance costs and extending the life of the asset. It will also track and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as predict issues through real-time and asset health monitoring.  

Enterprises, on the other hand, will connect to a global network of companies and gain access to industry-leading workplace strategies. 

And the most important thing that Mex. does is to improve employee well-being and happiness as a result of overall workplace improvements. 

The platform provides members with native access to the apps without the need to install them on the phone, creating a super app with the convenience of usage. 

As an entrepreneur, what has been your biggest learning so far? What part of your work do you enjoy the most?
I was literally born into entrepreneurship, with a strong focus and inclination toward futuristic spaces and designs. 

I have a natural aptitude for business and I am driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to provide value to people. It has been my ambition to create products that are innovative and can affect change. What gives me the absolute thrill is the fact that with Mex. I am able to transform assets fast into the future. We did a deep dive into how applied technology can transform spaces and communities.

What were the key challenges you encountered? How helpful were they for your business development? What are the growth plans to develop further? What are your next big plans?
Mex. is not my first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. I started my journey as a social entrepreneur with the founding of my affordable housing project, in 2014, with UrbanUp. In keeping with the family’s innate desire to contribute to social causes, I was instrumental in influencing and creating this project that follows 11 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The challenge was to create a dignified, inclusive, healthier, and sustainable environment where economically vulnerable families and communities could thrive. The pilot project has provided a home to approximately 700 individuals. 

The goal for UrbanUp is to create a scalable and replicable model that combines green building principles with exceptional water, energy, and waste management. My pursuit will continue to combine the best of affordable and sustainable housing solutions for the community in which we operate keeping in mind the change in needs and demands of the future. 

What motivates me through all this, is my passion for pioneering change. Any visible gap motivates me to fill it. Any missed opportunity motivates me to do better. My goal is to create a lasting impact on the world, especially in the communities we thrive in. A better world for everyone.

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