Our Key Markets Are South & South East Asia: Puneet Johar, GluedIn

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Puneet Johar, Founder, GluedIn - software as a service (SaaS) provider, talks about how and why customer retention and engagement are becoming indispensable for brands

What sets GluedIn apart from other SaaS platforms? Please tell us the key features of your products that support app-engagement activities.

GluedIn is a SaaS (Software as a service) product that any website or app can use as a plug-in to instantly enable short videos, community and gamification features. The key reason is to increase engagement and hence revenue.

The product allows different widgets, as well as a complete in-app community section consisting of short video and image-led feed, interactions including likes, comments and shares, a curated ‘discover’ section, creator tools for user-generated content, profiles, hashtags, challenges, leaderboards and rewards. These put together help apps and websites to increase engagement on their apps and websites.

What are the key tenets that deepen relationships with customers?
When it comes to the key principle of deepening the relationship with customers, we believe in increasing “moments of involvement”. Just giving a discount for a purchase or showing an ad or banner doesn’t necessarily deepen the relationship.If the customer can be rewarded for that little bit of extra involvement, then the relationship is more meaningful and deeper. We create moments, drive emotions and eventually build loyalty.

What are the hurdles you face day-to-day and how do you overcome that?
Some of the friction points we faced during the early phase of the launch were pertaining to ease of content upload, moderation of user generated content and ease of technical integration. However, we have managed to resolve these issues in the past six months. Now websites and apps can integrate the software within 15 mins in their test build. 

Are you self-funded? What are your fund-raising plans?
We have invested nearly $2 Million into the business so far and will continue to invest at that rate. The business will be seeking the right financial and strategic partners at the appropriate stage.

What are your expansion and market penetration plans?
Our key markets are South and South East Asia and we are piloting our US Launch early next year along with key channel partners. We expect these to be our key markets for the next one year. The key categories where we have maximum traction is media, consumer goods and e-commerce.

What are the plans for category expansion ?
The key categories where we have maximum traction are media, consumer goods and e-commerce. We will be piloting with the consumer fintech category as well early next year.

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