NowFloats Integrates With ONDC Through Zadinga App

NowFloats is a SaaS platform that integrates with Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC). It aims to cater the retailers to take their shop online through an application called Zadinga

NowFloats, a leading SaaS company dedicated to simplifying the digital journey of Indian businesses, has become one of the first entities in the country to offer ONDC integration to users through Zadinga, a one-stop mobile app for retail businesses. 

Besides this, NowFloats has also been designated as a Technology Service Provider (TSP) by ONDC. In this capacity, NowFloats will help other D2C players and brands get on board and sell their products on multiple buyer apps as per the ONDC protocol. ONDC is the Government of India’s new initiative for enabling a level playing field for small businesses in the e-commerce space. 

ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) has been created with the aim to democratise digital commerce in India by enabling small businesses to compete efficiently with their larger counterparts through access to equal opportunity. In the next five years, ONDC hopes to onboard 900 million buyers and 1.2 million sellers, while achieving a gross merchandise value of $48 billion.

In line with this vision, NowFloats’ objective is to empower its users to onboard themselves and start selling their products on ONDC with utmost ease and flexibility. This is being done by integrating Zadinga with ONDC while also enabling other brands and D2C players to join the network with NowFloats acting as a TSP said in a statement by the company.

Commenting on the announcement, Nitin Jain, Co-founder of NowFloats, said, “A decade ago, we started NowFloats with the intent to assist local small and medium companies in enriching their online presence. Since 2012, NowFloats has helped over 2.5 lakh businesses to flourish their online presence. We are confident that through standardised procedures on the ONDC platform, retailers will get a boost in the e-commerce sector. By the end of this year, we aim to onboard over 100 retail sellers through Zadinga on the ONDC platform. Additionally, we are also coming up with a platform that will allow D2C players or brands with multiple stores to get its business/enterprise ONDC-enabled with utmost ease.”

Zadinga is a mobile app from NowFloats dedicated to helping retailers take their shop online and manage their business digitally. Equipped with features like an online store, digital billing, online payment gateway, hyperlocal delivery and inventory management to help retailers simplify their business and grow, the application has onboarded 5000+ customers within five months of its launch. 

Besides retailers, NowFloats will enable D2C players and brands to start selling their products through ONDC. D2C players and brands can reach out to the NowFloats Enterprise Team ( to onboard their business. 

T. Koshy, MD & CEO at ONDC, said, “We're pleased to have NowFloats join the ONDC network as a technology service provider. This will help accelerate and improve the end-to-end ecosystem experience, reduce entry barriers, making digital commerce accessible to a wider audience of buyers and sellers across India.”

In order to onboard with ONDC, sellers have to download Zadinga and sign up on the app, register on ONDC, and digitally sign its participant policies. In a matter of two-three days, the merchant will be live on the ONDC buyer apps. 

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