Advertisement Strikes Chord with Swadeshi Movement

The more ethnic you get, the more universal you become!!

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India possesses the power to outperform all other nations on the world stage in the years to come and this can be achieved by boosting the rural economic system. Gandhi ji once said, “The backbone of India is in its villages. Unless the rural economy could be reformed, nothing could be achieved on the economic front.”

Over generations, we have forgotten the novelties our nation harbours, to the extent that many have gradually become extinct. The Kerala Aranmula copper mirror (copper with reflective properties), Kondapalli dolls/Channapatna toys (exported and branded as safest toys made of wood and vegetable dyes), Mysore Sandal Soap (the most expensive soap in India) are some items that need to be preserved yet exhibited in the world to recognize and experience.

In a bid to sustain and reignite the essence of nativity, in the form of food products, arts & crafts, traditions and cultural events, two bold entrepreneurs, Bharath Shanmugasundaram and Ravishankar Singaram after having travelled around the world in their 14 years of IT and management professionals in MNCs, witnessed a major struggle in having to procure Indian groceries and native Indian items. They weren’t the only ones who were unable to access special items from their hometown, many shared the same sentiment. They realized the need to construct a platform that would suffice the native cravings of consumers worldwide. Hence, the evolution of is the e-Gateway of India specializing in regional or native Indian items. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Ahmedabad to Kolkatta, it delivers items that people yearn for from their domicile. Tanjore dancing dolls, Channapatna toys, Lonavala Chikki, Dharwad Peda, Belgaum Kunda, Kashmir Saffron, to mention a few are listed on the portal.

Since most native specials are produced by rural manufacturing industry, has marginalized innumerable communities by offering them livelihood skills. They eliminated middlemen, whose control meant accessing a large share of the profits that would contribute to soaring costs for the consumers. They have linked rural India with global markets and brought about a sustainable change in the native manufacturing industry.

They started by hosting items from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and now feature over 2000 authentic items, spanning the nation. The strategy of focussing on products like khadi, handlooms, arts and crafts or food items has worked well for the company. Online sales provided a major boost to the company’s global market since they were able to tap into the zone through an undiluted platform. Consumers were able to identify with the medium that presented them with just the right amount of native essence they were craving for.

Monetization so far… raised funds not just through the founder’s savings, but also from a myriad of friends who are also their staunch supporters. They were even referred across to many authentic sellers who built an immense amount of trust in the team’s belief and have continued to accompany and grow with the company.

The brand is having an incredible run, as more and more people are discovering it. They have acquired a tremendous amount of recognition and acceptance from the audience in just a year’s time and are now networking to come up with unique strategies that have never been implemented in the online ecommerce sector before.

Being ardent believers of the Swadeshi movement, they are sure of repeating history by stirring a Native Revolution. They aim to sculpt a different India by linking us to our roots, ethnicity and culture, playing by the rule - The more ethnic you get, the more universal you become!!

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