Miko Acquires Square Off To Build Smart Robotic Toys

MIko a robotic startup has acquired Square-Off that makes AI-driven interactive board games like chess, their aim is to build smart Robotic Toys that can instruct about the games

Miko a robotic startup has acquired a majority stake in Square-Off which is an AI-driven board games startup.  It has acquired a 70 per cent stake in Square-Off according to the media reports. Square-Off makes interactive board games like chess, by using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to according to the player.

In a statement by the company “With the acquisition, Miko will expand its product line beyond the AI robot companions that initially put it on the map," The media reports also mentioned that leadership from Square-Off will remain and bring more Robots and AI-driven smart toys

The children who actively use Miko 3, one of its bestselling robots, increase their speaking proficiency, engagement with academic activities and physical activity by more than 45% on average according to a claim by Miko.

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