Mental Health Firm Unhurry Introduces Merchandise

Unhurry’s merchandise will reflect the messaging – to unhurry, untangle and pause

Digital mental health platform has launched its merchandise with the messaging for people to live the slow life to heal. “Today, World Health Day, is the best day to help people understand that the hustle and hurry culture is causing diseases, especially stress and depression,” shares the brain behind Unhurry, Aradhna Chhachhi, the 24-year-old entrepreneur.

Apart from Chhachhi, Unhurry's other woman partners are Dr Bhavana Gautam, Palak Bhalla Ahuja, Prachi Wasnikar, and Rachna Chhachhi, who is a well-known nutritional therapist and cancer nutrition and metastasis expert.

“For the last one year, Aradhna has tirelessly pushed each one of us to launch this merchandise so that people can take a pause to heal,” says Dr Bhavana Gautam, emotional well-being expert and MBBS, partner, Unhurry, who has a large part of her patient base working professionals.

During the lockdown, has been spreading the message of pausing and taking a breath. With esteemed contributors like Dr Samir Parikh of Fortis Mental Health; S. Sivakumar, Group Head - ITC Agri & Tech; Neerja Shah, ex-Editor & Publisher, Elle Magazine; Kamal Brar, Ostomy Warrior; Neha Sahu, PCOS Warrior & Activist; Dr Sanjeev Gupta, Psoriasis Warrior, Quality Process Approach Expert; Dr Farah Adam, MBBS, Postpartum Depression Activist and others, Unhurry’s merchandise reflects the same messaging – to unhurry, untangle and pause.

The Unhurry merchandise has very clear messaging on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, coasters, yoga bricks, saying Unhurry, Untangle Yourself, Spiritual Leader Inside, Sleep is the best Meditation and many more like this. In the pipeline are other products that help people ‘unhurry’ – essential oil diffusers, scented candles, journals. And they all have one common theme, of reminding people to live the slow life.

So what prompted this young entrepreneur to start this brand? Aradhna Chhachhi’s mother was in the corporate sector when she was 6, she recalls. “By the time I was 9, she had already been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and I literally saw her going from a vibrant young woman to bedridden, brain fogged and with deformities on her hands and feet.” She saw her mother rebuild herself with the power of yoga and nutrition. “I saw a drastic transformation in her when she decided self-nurture,” she reminisces.

Aradhna has been through her own set of health issues. At the age of 18, she was diagnosed with PCOS, fibromyalgia and the beginnings of Multiple Sclerosis. It was only through the power of yoga and nutrition that she stabilised and her inflammation and disease markers came back in range. She healed herself and got certified in yoga and nutrition to help other young girls struggling like her.

So did this young woman never want to join the corporate culture? “I am WSET certified and a French wine scholar. I got a prestigious job with a very well-known luxury five-star hotel as a sommelier,” shares Aradhna. “But then I stopped and thought – my work hours are going to be 7pm to 1am. Is this is the life I want? Is this the life anybody can have and still be healthy?” she asked.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of Unhurry will go towards Access life Assistance foundation, an NGO that provides shelter, nutrition and support to underprivileged kids struggling with cancer. Says Ankeet Dave, Co-founder, Access Life, “I have seen the entire team of Unhurry come to our centres and be with the kids. Awareness is key to supporting any cause. It has the ability to change minds and impact lives. We are thankful we will be given awareness and support via the proceeds from the sales of the Unhurry merchandise.”

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