Lucideus : Building and Delivering Information Security Platforms And Services

Initially it started as a training provider in 2012 and in the year 2013, Lucideus launched its range of Enterprise Cyber Security Services too.

Lucideus is an IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security Services provider founded on 15th May, 2012 by Saket Modi (CEO), Vidit Baxi (Director, Technology). Initially it started as a training provider in 2012 and in the year 2013, Lucideus launched its range of Enterprise Cyber Security Services too.

It’s a trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from debilitating cyber attacks. The company builds and delivers information security platforms and services, both generic and customized to proactively secure, continuously monitor and reactively respond to cyber threats to our client's technology stack.

The company’s objective is to quantify digital risk to inculcate a knowledge-based culture of safe and secure use of technology, such that risk becomes an informed business decision leading to minimal disruptions to their client's business and life.

Being a niche technology services provider and incubated from IIT Bombay, over the last 4 years, they have been able to built an extremely comprehensive control list which it utilise while accessing the IT stack of its client's. The experience of now serving over 70 clients both nationally and internationally gives us the edge of understanding the threat landscape across different industries.

The company was bootstrapped till last month and have recently got an Angel Investment from the ex CPO of Snapdeal- Anand Chandrasekaran. Anand is helping the company to built a product.

For the last 4 years, as they have been a services and consulting provider, their monetisation model is based on time and effort estimation based on the scope of the test subject.

The organisation is currently working with more than 70 clients, majority of the companies that we serve would be among the top 100 brand names in India.

They have a good traction rate in India, and plan to start our international operations by the end of this year. Luckily, the services that they provide is a clear requirement in any country, in any company which uses technology. In parallel, they have been working on a product for the last 6 months which is again something they're all very excited about, and planning to launch the product in the coming year .

For service companies, acquiring the first few clients is a big challenge as the references are not available in the beginning. However, now that they have a credible list of clients, that motivates them to work in more efficient manner..

According to a research,, the global spent on Cyber Security was 80 billion dollars which is expected to grow to 150 billion dollars by 2018. Opportunity wise, any company and any country today which is partly or totally digitally enabled is a potential client.

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