Letstrack Partners With RD Overseas to Become Leader in Tracking Solutions

Along with its strong presence at all the leading online stores, Letstrack products will now also be available over 3500 retail outlets in India.

Leveraging their unrivaled competence in the IoT sector, Letstrack has been able to lead the market in just 8 months since its entry in the Indian Market. With this association with RD Overseas, Letstrack will now be the largest national brand in tracking solutions in India.

Rajatdeep Overseas Pvt Ltd (RD), is today recognized as a professional manufacturer of high-quality automobile accessories that make driving secure, convenient and entertaining for its millions of customers across the length and breadth of India. RD gives Letstrack, the retail presence in most of the automobile sectors across INDIA instantly.

Along with its strong presence at all the leading online stores, Letstrack products will now also be available over 3500 retail outlets in India. With such a great presence in the market, Letstrack is ready to make tracking become what CCTV is, in our lives.

Mr. Vikram, Founder & CEO Letstrack says, “With strong mass production and R&D capabilities, we recognize RD as a ‘Partner of Choice’. This is the first revolutionary step towards organizing the unorganized Indian Tracking Market and passing on the facilities directly in the court of the Customers."

The core figment of Letstrack lies in IT sector, where they focus on patented technology in their devices through Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) which embeds physical devices with software’s, electronics, sensors; that enable these devices to collect and exchange data, and the computer performs human tasks such as visual perception, decision-making, and translation etc. It also deals with Machine-to-Machine in which Data could be transferred from App to App or App to Device.

Letstrack has its concentration-tuned towards changing the perception of tracking-to-positive, and for the market to avail paperless approach in everything. They have equipment designed for and used by B2B solutions as well, where they assure the safety to business such as OLA, UBER, DIDI through Letstrack safe that helps in tracking car devices. Their intuitive app design has simplicity hoarded on it, which allows you to access 120 features with a single click of a button.

Mr. Bharatdeep Sethi, MD, RD Overseas, said, “Our 35 years of retail experience and all India reach has met the right match in Letstrack. Our already vast range of products in security, convenience, and entertainment is further glorified by having 360-degree Tracking solutions from one of the leading brand from UK, Letstrack. This association has limitless potential in a country like India which is now set to witness the arrival of world class products for automobile, logistics, and personal tracking."

With the perfect combination of Service, Innovation and Solution, right partners, and the trust all the patrons, Letstrack is ready to bring to our lives what we always yearn for; safety, happiness, and productivity!

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