Let it Wag - Connects Animal Lovers in Real Time

'Currently we are self funded and have already invested a six figured amount,' added Founder Yash Sheth.

Let it Wag is a unique initiative about which a true passionate Animal Lover would have certainly dreamt of while trying to save/help an injured/helpless stray animal in need. This platform will connect you to a relevant person/resource in real time.

In an interaction with BW Disrupt, Founder Yash Sheth talked about his venture.

Inception & Description

It all started almost like a year n a half back, it was morning, I was brushing my teeth and I could hear a dog cry. When I saw it from my window, the dog was lying on road in pain, I called my friend and we went to see the dog and saw his leg was crushed. We picked him up and put him on the footpath. I called Animal Hospital for Ambulance but no help, then I called a Local Vet but he was already out on some case so no help. Then I clicked some picture of the dog and posted it on FB. Almost like after an hour a lady managed to call a Paid Ambulance and we shared the cost of transport. By evening I was still getting messages on FB and people were still trying to help. When I analysed the FB post, I saw there were 6 levels of tagging. 

This triggered my mind, that inspite of us surrounded by so many animal lovers, why were we not able to help the animal on time?

This led to the birth of 'Let it Wag', where the solution is to connect the animal lovers in real time.

As of now we are concentrating on building up a robust community of Animal Lovers across the nation and get all the stakeholder involved in Animal Welfare on the Platform.

The interface of the app is very simple. The idea is to connect with nearby animal lovers in real time to get help faster. Lets take an example.

If you see a dog lying on the road who is bleeding, but you cannot help him for some reason. 

Step 1:You can open the app, and click a picture of the dog. 

Step 2: The location is automatically extracted via GPS.

Step 3: You then have to select what the issue is (in this case it might be accident), 

Step 4: Write down comments and put landmark and then submit. 

A case is created and is broadcasted to all the people nearby who have the app and get a notification.

Step 5: I can choose to accept or reject the help.

Once accepted, the person gets connected with the one who has created the case and thus can take the rescue ahead.

Even if there is no one around to accept the case, you still have access to database of Vets starting from nearest to the farthest from your location, Ambulances, NGOs and Vet Chemist.

Key Features

Let it Wag is like 911 for Animals. The whole idea is to get all the stakeholders on the platform and simplify and improve the TAT for rescuing animals.

We are ready with a beta version of the app which will help you do the following :

·  Connect with nearby animal lovers for stray animal rescue

·  Adopt/help someone adopt an animal

·  Generate an ‘Adoption Document’ which is a document of understanding between 2 parties- Rehoming Family/Individual and Adopting Family/Individual.

·  Social Feed/Wall for Pet Parents

·  List of nearby Vets, NGOs, Ambulance and Vet Chemist

Features in process :

·  Find nearby pet owners in your area

·  Raise funds for feeding, medical cost , hospital bills, ambulance transportation,etc.

·  Find foster homes

·  Find a lactating mother

·  Find a blood donor for animals

·  Find local transport for animals to take them to nearby hospitals/vet clinics

·  Report animal abuse

·  Report missing animals

·  Booking of Vet appointments, Pet Groomers, Trainers, Salons,etc. via the app.


Our aim is to be the go to platform for anything related to animals which is missing in the market. We are betting on our technology, team and most important is the PASSION with which the team is working.

Funding Status

As of now we are only concentrating on building the community until we reach X amount of users. Once we achieve our target thats when we would test various avenues of monetization and see what is accepted by the community. Initially we need to build the trust for the brand.

Currently we are self funded and have already invested a six figured amount. We have done 2 crowdfunding campaigns and tried to raise some funds.

Customer Feedback

We have got an awesome response in like 100 days. We now have 5000+ users on the Android app. We have users from across the country. 

Till date we have helped 300+ dogs, 35+ cats, 3 owls, 20+ pigeons via the app.

Best is 6 puppies have also been adopted via the app.

Expansion Plans

We want to work closely with our community to grow ourselves and become a one strong army of Animal Lovers. Looking to work closely with Student Community, Corporates and Government to grow our community.

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