Koo celebrates World Translation Day by enabling the translation feature

In a span of only 16 months since its launch, Koo has garnered over 1 crore downloads, with over 50% of users actively kooing in Hindi

Microblogging platform Koo - which empowers Indians to connect and express in their native languages, celebrates International Translation Day by now enabling real-time translation of content across eight distinct Indian languages. A first-of-its-kind feature enables the automatic translation of a Koo into Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Assamese, Bengali, Telugu, and English - thereby enhancing the digital reach and encouraging conversations and expressions of thought through languages that reflect India’s rich linguistic diversity. Koo is the first social media platform in the world to enable this tech-driven translation feature.

As a multi-lingual microblogging platform, Koo has attracted users and public personalities from all walks of life - Chief Ministers, political leaders, sports stars, celebrities, spiritual gurus; who are actively leveraging the platform, and now its translation feature to expand their community outreach, engage seamlessly and reach out to a wider audience. Reflecting on its multi-language offerings, a Koo spokesperson said, “India is a unique nation. We have thousands of languages and dialects. Most products assume that users speak a global language – but that has never been true for India. In addition to giving Indians a platform to connect and engage in their native languages, we are now enhancing their experience by enabling the power of translation in a unique way through Koo. We are elated to witness how eminent personalities are successfully using the feature to reach out to a wider audience across the country. No other social media platform in the world has ever created such an offering for Indians. We are delighted to be an India-first platform, built by Indians, for Indians!”

In a span of only 16 months since its launch, Koo has garnered over 1 crore downloads, with over 50% of users actively kooing in Hindi. The platform is focused on targeting 10 crore downloads in the near future. As the power of expression in native languages is immense, Koo is now looking to expand its language offerings to cover 25 regional languages in the future; thus boosting a platform where internet users can celebrate diverse cultures, thoughts and opinions.

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