KarmaLife Partners With Repute

KarmaLife a real-time financial solutions provider partners with Repute. It aims to bring affordable financial services to the low-income workforce

KarmaLife, a real-time financial solutions provider to the Gig workforce announces a partnership with Repute; Repute is enabling dissimilar ecosystems to connect and collaborate with each other powered by its decentralised Blockchain network. Be it businesses, individuals, or service providers - the network enables secure data sharing and transactions for all

“The partnership will enable KarmaLife to bring affordable financial services to the low-income workforce through connecting with HRMSs which will be aided by Repute. Repute expands its offering by including KarmaLife services on its platform. With this collaboration, KarmaLife aims to provide access to earning-linked affordable credit to employees who might need the same at the time of an emergency or due to a shortfall in income” said a release.

Commenting on the partnership, Rohit Rathi, Co-founder & CEO, KarmaLife said, “We believe access to financial freedom is one of the most important values an organization can add to the lives of their employees. The challenge however is to make sure that financial services are available to those who need them the most. By partnering with Repute, we wish to extend our solutions to the maximum number of salaried/waged employees.”

He added,” KarmaLife as a platform has enabled applications like Deduction at Source ( DaS) in India to simplify loan repayments, EMIs, insurance premiums, and savings directly from worker payouts which will surely help not only employees but HR teams as well to attain financial wellness of employees.”

DeepakDhar, Co-founder & CEO, Repute said “We are excited to partner with KarmaLife to help millions of salaried/waged employees have access to financial wellness. This connectivity of KarmaLife with HR/Payroll systems makes possible a quick and simple sharing of credentials by employees. It also enables the customization of offerings according to the profile by KarmaLife. KarmaLife has been striving to make the entire experience frictionless and personalized for employees and we are happy to be able to contribute.”

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