Instappy: Working Towards Democratizing the Playing Field for All Buisnesses

Apps can be fully customised, keep updated to the latest OS and devices, fully native to Iphones, Ipads Tablets, Phones and phablets, can be built in 20+ languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and English.

Post investing 1 year plus in development Instappy was lauched in October, 2015. BWDisrupt interacted with Ambika Sharma, Founder and MD, Instappy to know more about their fresh venture.

Instappy is a cloud-based Rapid Mobile Application Development platform which allows businesses to build feature loaded, attractive, customised & fully native applications for iOS and Android instantly with no coding skills needed. Apps can be fully customised, keep updated to the latest OS and devices, fully native to Iphones, Ipads Tablets, Phones and phablets, can be built in 20+ languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and English.

How was it started?

When I came up with the idea of Instappy, the market was already inclining towards high quality apps, marked with the increasing number of smartphone users and strengthening data. We saw that there were a large user set who did not have the pocket, time or the expertise to enable an app for their business we sensed a potential opportunity, by allowing users to create customized apps affordably. That is Instappy.

What are your unique key feature/services and how is it diff. from existing ones?
The platform, in its entirety, is our unique offering to our users. We offer complete customization and keep on updating the platform with new features, to remain up-to-date and make the same competitive edge available to our users. At Instappy, we truly believe that evolution is the need of the hour, and hence we pay close to attention to client feedback and getting the pulse of the emerging markets. The same is reflected in the unique themes we keep introducing with time. Along with presenting an easy to understand and do-it-yourself platform, the continuous upgrades and designs communicates that not only we care about our customers, but are also continuously evolving to help them evolve and present a truly contemporary product.

Kindly, tell us about your current funding status?
At Instappy, we have bootstrapped our way through the design, development, testing and go to market. Since our service offering adds a significant value to businesses and individuals we have seen a steady growth in our revenue. Instappy customers span over 3 continents. Instappy supports App creation in Spanish, Portuguese, German and French as well as english and all Indian Languages. We are hoping that we will not only optimism current markets but with 5 new languages being launched next quarter will will be able to expand to new markets as well.

What your existing monetization model?
We follow a simple business and monetization model for Instappy. Anyone looking to build an app can sign up at the platform and start building the app with our self-explanatory DIY features. Instappy Wizard and Instappy Retail Wizard are two of our tools that provide a live preview of the app, while the user is making changes.

We have also introduced a reseller program, allowing businesses to introduce app development in their line of business and offer further value to their clients.

Please share your recent traction details?
Instappy is cloud based and for businesses everywhere. We have 20+ languages we support and we have Subscribers from 3 continents already. We believe that creating a strong product that addresses the pain points of customers goes a long way in selling and promoting itself. With the reseller program, we are looking for creating long standing and strong relationship with creative agencies, web and media mavericks, which will again expand our reach to India and abroad.

What are your future and marketing plans?

Currently, we are focused at extending the reach of platform, both in the Indian Subcontinent and across the globe. With the reseller program, we expect to further enhance our presence. Lastly, we are open to exploring other associations and tie-ups that would help us promote and market Instappy, along with releasing other promotional campaigns and offers.

What are the challenges faced you faced initially?
Initially, since the concept was so new, we had to inform and educate the users for the same. The most challenging aspect, however, is mentoring the customer- Providing assistance and helping businesses on how to get the best out of their investment, while maintaining quality, visual appeal and adopting best practices. Although, this is time consuming but is most important in the cycle; owing to same, we have a team of consultants helping businesses save time by understanding their requirements and assisting them in translating their vision in a high quality app.

What is the market size & opportunity?
The mobile app industry is today valued to be USD 143 billion and beyond. As more businesses start thinking mobile in their digital marketing initiatives, traditional agencies too are realising the need to include application development skills in their portfolio to sustain clients.

Non-technology savvy business owners and marketers often shy away from getting themselves an application to avoid dealing with the technical specifications. Therefore the cloud based platform, Instappy, thrives amongst Small and Medium Sized enterprises, making it a more democratized playing field for all businesses.

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