InfiSecure - Robust Security Platform to Detect and Block Security Threats

The multi-billion dollar market for Bot Detection and Protection is increasing in size and the industry is at its inflection point. The intensity and scale of online frauds have increased to an extent where businesses are actively seeking bot mitigation technologies.

InfiSecure is a robust web security platform to detect and block online security threats. It is designed to give online businesses finely tuned control over bot traffic on their websites. It protects businesses from various online threats like content theft, hacking attempts, web scraping, price scraping, account hijacking, carding fraud, form spam and comment spam.

InfiSecure is built with a belief that businesses should be able to enjoy the benefits of the Internet without the fear of risk or compromise. It provides website security to all online businesses including e-commerce, travel websites, listing websites and classifieds, blogs, digital media, social networks, news websites and other businesses that collect user data or have unique content.

The company was founded in April 2016 by Abhilash Pandey and Sandeep Singh.

Abhilash is a business graduate from Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta. He comes with a global partner management experience from working in companies like Microsoft, Facebook and TCS. His sound technical expertise gives him an edge in leading technical products from both sales and product development perspectives.

Sandeep is a technology entrepreneur, product marketing expert, and an inbound Marketing strategist. His experience varies from spearheading digital marketing assignments to driving initiatives to make product startups grow and get recognized at a global level.

In an exclusive interaction with Sujata Sangwan of BWDisrupt, Sandeep Singh, Co-founder, InfiSecure shares details about his startup

About InfiSecure

Problem: More than 50% of all web traffic is generated by bots. Without a bot mitigation strategy, all online businesses are bound to suffer from a myriad of online frauds. The frauds are too many and have a huge impact on business. Moreover, it is not cost-effective to build an in-house solution to tackle the bot menace.

Solution: An easy to integrate fully automated SaaS product that lets a business define its own bot mitigation strategy for 24x7 active protection against online bots and fraud. InfiSecure uses its advanced bot detection systems to process every hit a website gets and protect the website in real-time. The non-intrusive API based integration protects a website without redirecting its traffic to InfiSecure’s server. InfiSecure is built on a highly scalable model to support thousands of enterprise customers. The platform boasts of the best bot analytics dashboard that the customer has yet seen.


We were working at Microsoft when we came across this problem while speaking to a few global companies. We then studied this industry, existing solutions and what could be done differently to solve the problem in a better way. We started building different modules, tested and validated it. By late March 2016, we had an enterprise grade product ready for Beta Launch.

Unique key features / services


- Non-intrusive API based platform
- Real time 24x7 active protection from fraud
- Easy to integrate with large enterprises
- Comprehensive Bot Analytics Dashboard
- Latest updated bot database with advanced bot fingerprinting technology


- Listings and Content Theft Prevention
- Price Scraping (used for competitive pricing) Prevention
- Fake traffic detection and prevention
- Protection against brute force attacks (User account hijacking prevention and User data protection)
- Fake Profiles and fake actions elimination
- Protection against Ticket Scalping, Ticketing and Booking Fraud
- Real-time blacklisting and whitelisting of IPs / Crawlers / Countries

Differentiation factors

The market is huge and the competitors are very few. InfiSecure differentiates itself from existing players in terms of technology. It takes a non IP blocking approach to prevent online fraud. InfiSecure also has one of the most comprehensive bot analytics dashboards so that customers find the value and meaning in what they invest. The second big point of differentiation is InfiSecure’s product architecture that allows InfiSecure to be a cost-effective solution for online businesses. The third major differentiating factors is our vision to build a comprehensive portfolio of products in online fraud and become a one-stop solution for every online business. In fact, we are soon launching our second product for Click Fraud protection.

Funding status

We are bootstrapped till now. We are however looking to generate funds now since there is a need to expand our team.

Monetization model

Monetization works on monthly subscription basis for the SaaS product. Our margins are high, the cost of acquisition is low and the customer lifetime value is super high.

Traction details 

We launched InfiSecure in April 2016 under Beta. Since then, we have seen a lot of growth:

o Received $120k Microsoft BizSpark Plus License

o Customer Traction
§ We have 8 live customers from 4 Countries, and another 5 customer requests from 2 other countries.
o Processing over 1 million hits daily.

o Product Growth
§ Launched comprehensive bot directory of 3200+ bots
§ Soon to launch our second product – Click Fraud Prevention

o Digital Growth
§ Reached 20,000+ views on Quora and blogs

Future plans

InfiSecure’s vision is to become the biggest web security platform with a portfolio of offerings to fight against a multitude of online frauds. Our future plan is to build more products in the same space along with securing many more customers globally with our current offerings.

Marketing plans

We plan to strengthen our inbound marketing channels through engaging quality content for a scalable lead generation.

Challenges faced

One of the biggest challenges we have faced is with regards to supporting the scale of demand that is being generated globally. We need to grow our team-size to be able to scale to the demand.

Market size & opportunity

The multi-billion dollar market for Bot Detection and Protection is increasing in size and the industry is at its inflection point. The intensity and scale of online frauds have increased to an extent where businesses are actively seeking bot mitigation technologies.

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