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How The Startup And E-Commerce Revolutions Are Leveraging Women Entrepreneurship In India

Favourable economic policies along with friendly communication technologies are opening new vistas and gateways for ambitious women leaders in both domestic and international markets.

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In the world of business, people who think sensibly and act smartly to pursue their dreams, smilingly and successfully, are the real champions. No matter, what is one’s breed, background, or gender, success is guaranteed if dreams are deliberate. Women entrepreneurs of the present era are in no way less competent than their male counterparts, and their undying spirit is inspirational to millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, women as well as men. Suchi Mukherjee of LimeRoad; Sairee Chahal of Sheroes; Richa Kar of Zivame; Shraddha Sharma of YourStory; Mehak Shahani of Wedmegood; and Anisha Singh of mydala are some of those successful women entrepreneurs who could perfectly tap the growing business opportunities in the flourishing startup culture of India. Today, no one can courage to underestimate women entrepreneurs as business is all about smart decisions where boldness counts over brawn and passion supersedes potential.

A conducive economic environment

Nowadays, challenges don’t distract women from meeting their goals as the environment as well as the scenario is getting more liberal for them. Favourable economic policies along with friendly communication technologies are opening new vistas and gateways for ambitious women leaders in both domestic and international markets. Surrounded by myriads of entrepreneurship opportunities, women in the age of startup revolution are giving fierce competition to their male counterparts. The high penetration of Internet and smartphones has further catalyses their business talent. Besides, many state governments in the country are making commendable efforts for women entrepreneurs through providing adequate incentives and fundraising schemes for female-led startups. Also, institutions like SIDBI are making remarkable efforts in this direction. That’s why, for women with breakthrough ideas and innovative concepts, establishing a successful business is no more a formidable task.

The era of novel opportunities

Where there is a will, there is a way. The present economic environment of the country is blessed with tons of opportunities, and whosoever will exploit them will reap the rewards. Now, women should have to crack the opportunities emerges from the Startup India Programme. First of all, one needs to be confident about her goals and plans as an unprecedented shift in favour of female entrepreneurs has already been taken place in the startup culture of India. In fact, beyond gender, factors that decide the fate of a business are – ideas, policies, and people.

From wedding planners to interior designers, and dieticians to business consultants, the contribution of women entrepreneurs in the service sector is increasing gradually and consistently. Besides, a myriad of opportunities in the emerging industries like PR, Digital Marketing, Programmatic, and E-education are providing innumerable entrepreneurial options for women with acute business acumen in the startup culture of India.

An improved transition

The startup culture is not just enhancing country’s GDP, but at the same time it is empowering women and garnering to them more entrepreneurial opportunities in both physical and virtual landscape. Supported by the current digital revolution, they are successful in selling their products through e-commerce portals, and smart shopping apps are further facilitating their growth. Now, they don’t require a massive investment to start a business; they don’t need a posh office space to execute the things, with a laptop and smartphone, they control the demand as well as supply. Hence, it would be an exaggeration to claim that startup culture has started a unique revolution for the young and ambitious women entrepreneurs of India.

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