How Startups Are Leveraging B2B Marketing Strategies?

Because statistics don't lie, data is critical to our marketing processes. You can use data to figure out how other successful organizations sell their products and services, making your job a lot easier

B2B marketing has changed dramatically in recent years as buyers have gained access to more information. Today, digital media has a big role to play. It influences purchase decisions both in direct & indirect ways. Decision makers are spending more time on online platforms like Twitter & LinkedIn. It is necessary for any b2b brand to understand & leverage opportunities given by these tech giants.

Content Marketing

Companies are increasingly creating material to assist buyers at every stage of the buying process. Content raises brand awareness, develops trustworthiness, increases exposure, and even aids in the development of client loyalty. This could include everything from weekly blogs, newsletters, social media, website material, to videos and graphics.

Social Media

Businesses have been using social media for years, and it has undoubtedly influenced B2B marketing. Businesses can utilize social media accounts to build and foster relationships with clients and potential leads, as well as share stories and all the information they've created.


Because statistics don't lie, data is critical to our marketing processes. You can use data to figure out how other successful organizations sell their products and services, making your job a lot easier. Data may also tell you how well your procedures are operating and where they are failing. We use data to educate and enlighten ourselves about how we work.

My Side Team (, a boutique digital marketing agency based out of Gurgaon, helps businesses in creating right brand persona to improve brand awareness and ultimately, generate high quality leads. The team focuses on critical marketing activities like:

  • Creating a brand story

  • Designing high quality graphics, videos & other promotional material

  • Making demo videos of products

  • Engaging consumers on social media platforms

Increased brand personalization

With the continued expansion of B2B firms, having a distinct brand voice is more important than ever. Brand personalization is a big B2B marketing trend for the year since it allows your company to stand out in a sea of competitors.

When personalizing your brand, make sure it reflects your target audience's voice. You have a better chance of catching your target audience's attention and connecting with them on a deeper level if you reflect their voice. The contact between you and your target audience is made more human with a brand voice. A brand voice, rather than merely a name and a logo, allows B2B enterprises to connect with potential consumers on a more human level.

Enhanced video marketing measures

Video marketing activities are perfect for capturing viewers' attention as individual attention spans continue to shrink as a result of the abundance of new content available. By 2022, video will account for 82 percent of all online traffic, according to a Cisco estimate. Furthermore, 84 percent of users say that watching a video makes them more likely to buy a product or service. As visual content marketing trends evolve, your company must stay on top of best practises to increase sales. This B2B marketing trend isn't going away anytime soon.

They have the ability to create high-end digital journeys that are consistent across all channels and devices. It isn't confined to monolithic platforms like SAP, Salesforce, or Adobe's features and capabilities. This is even more critical since that prospective B2B buyers are more tech-savvy and will evaluate a company based on its digital performance. According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of all B2B buyers will be digital-centric millennials, with 44% requesting a "seller-free" sales experience. Businesses will be able to differentiate themselves in what will become an even more crowded market thanks to the flexibility of composable commerce.

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