How Raj Shamani is Disrupting ‘The Education System’ and #thatuselesskid’s Audacious Plan to Make Every Person Useful

Raj is one of the youngest Indians to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna and has given 3 TEDx talks, more than 100 keynotes in 23 countries.

Meet Raj Shamani, a 22-year old entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has spoken to more than 1 Million people across the globe till date. Raj is one of the youngest Indians to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna and has given 3 TEDx talks, more than 100 keynotes in 23 countries. He has been rewarded and recognized as an “International Keynote Speaker”. Since he realized his potential years ago, he has inspired thousands of people in over 23 countries all over the world. The recent ones being – United Kingdom, Latvia, India, USA and Singapore.

Voices with Raj is free, yes free service provided by this excellent speaker. He calls himself a useless and not so bright kid, who has seen a struggling childhood where he was born in a family with not great financial situation and was noted as “lethargic” and “useless”. Raj took the time to learn from the world’s best through reading about them, watching their videos, and then meeting them in person. It took him a whopping 300 attempts in front of a camera before he could summon up the confidence to give his first speech in front of an audience. Thereafter, it became his mission to inspire as many as he could through his words.

Who is now ruling the stages on many global events like representing India in the United Nations summit, which is just one of his many achievements. 

He recently turned down an offer in 2018 to join one of the biggest speaker’s agencies with a very attractive salary; instead decided to go to small cities in Europe and help teenagers become more confident and self-aware. 

He has dotted his presence on the stages of TEDx, United Nations, Jaguar, Land Rover, TCS, Reliance, Forbes and Babson College; Shamani uses his personal experiences, pain, and challenges to inspire and motivate his audiences in an interactive manner that his young audiences can relate with. By telling other people what he suffered, they can see that they are not alone and that they too can still succeed even in a very negative environment. The so-called ‘useless kid’ has become a ray of hope to young adults/teenagers around the world who are facing the same challenges he did as a kid.

According to Raj Shamani, “Even after having my side family business I mainly wanted to focus on making kids feel important about themselves, especially in a society that is quick to judge and demotivate young people,”

He further reiterates, “I use 70 percent of the business profits to fund charitable activities with my father, where we provide supplies to the under-privileged children, as that is the kind of motivation that inspires me to lead my life,”

Raj believes personal branding and social media is a game changer in today’s world and that’s why his mission is to equip people with industry’s best knowledge and help them find opportunities through social media and this is how he is planning to take on The traditional education system, he is bringing together world’s top young thought leaders to create a system which is debt free, flexible and has all the necessary creative knowledge which a young person needs in today’s world, for anyone and everyone who wants to learn and ace in their lives.

Raj has started a YouTube channel and an Instagram page where the public can get a complete repository of his speeches and his future views. 

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