How Logistics-Tech Startups Have Changed The Way We Travel?

The credit goes to tech-based startups constantly identifying scope for improvement and working intensely and innovatively to shape the way travellers are comforted and assisted during every leg of their journey

The travel industry has undergone some dynamic changes in the last couple of years and air travel, in particular, has become more accessible and economical. Technology has permanently altered the way billions of people travel, whether for leisure or work. From the onset of ticket booking, selection of food while being airborne to cabs to prebooking lounges have all proven the power of technology in transforming the way travel experiences are perceived.

While the whole concept of going tech-savvy, digital and modernized explains this to an extent, the covid-19 pandemic hit a huge speed button on the entire process. It created a sudden need to distance people from one another for the fear of transmission of the virus, most especially in fields such as travel, tourism, hospitality where physical crowding during operations was most normal. Imagine processing security clearance, check-in, room cleaning or service without human interaction, possible?

Web check-in which was optional pre-covid has become mandatory post covid and this change is here to stay. Domestic flights are going full throttle and International travel is slowly resuming across the carriers as borders open up.

Innovation in Travel Technology

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Automating travel and processes helps customers save time and reduce cost and goes far out to ensure that consumers have a customized and seamless experience, which they rightly deserve. The credit goes to tech-based startups constantly identifying scope for improvement and working intensely and innovatively to shape the way travellers are comforted and assisted during every leg of their journey.

Two decades ago, who would have guessed that booking travel tickets could be possible virtually through the world wide web, which would mean no long, paid calls to the airlines or trips to the booking agency or the airport. From that to augmented reality, AI chatbots, facial recognition, tailor-made trips; newer innovations in travel technology have created quite an impact in the industry.

But while travelling brings with it the excitement and the thrill of moving around the globe, luggage which is a bit of both, a need and desire, turns relatively ‘baggagesome’ in the process.

Logistics Tech Enhancing Travel Experience

Rethink long queues at the check-in counter, delaying waits at baggage belts, the hassle of lugging around multiple bags, especially when travelling with a group or big family. The visuals of joy-seeking travellers dragging their strollers, piling them onto an airport trolley, and swirling the bags around out of absolute boredom aren’t new to airport visitors. It’s a responsibility that they secretly wish to lay off their shoulders, but can they possibly do so?

The answer is, yes, they can. Logistics startups looking to fill the gap and offer a unique combination of ‘affordable convenience’ plus ‘privileged luxury’ made this possible a few years ago. Today, travellers belonging to varied segments like business travellers’, solo travellers’, the elderly, large families on vacation, and parents travelling with small children seek comfort in the fact that they can move from their first mile to their destination without being bothersome about the idea of baggage. And it doesn’t end here. Airport travel time which feels nearly doubled up due to long check-in queues and baggage belt waits can be slashed by nearly 30 minutes at the click of a button on the prescribed apps.

As per the Markets and Markets report, ‘The baggage handling system market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6%, from USD 7.5 billion in 2020 to USD 10.3 billion by 2025. The increasing focus on improving operational efficiency at airports, growing air passenger volume, and significant developments in intermodal transport are the major factors which will drive the baggage handling system market.”

The luggage transfer service is backed by solid technology that provides booking and tracking to keep one assured of the safety of their luggage. As and how, this new-age, travel-tech trend picks up and generates further demand for quality services, it has the potential to make luggage-less travelling, the new normal.


Travel experience has demanded tech-driven solutions for travellers and now, their baggage’ has just been added to that equation. More Innovative solutions will now add the road map to diverse audiences and change is being driven to create another consumer-driven travel market with technology at the forefront and at the tip of their fingers.

The impact for passengers with baggage services and airport assistance is going to be significantly high, a service that can wipe away the baggage woes while adding time is just the right convenience to add to any traveller’s equation.

(The given article is attributed to Harsha Vardhan Co-Founder and CEO, CarterX and has been exclusively created for BW Disrupt)

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