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How HR Tech Leaders can Use AI to Enhance Employee Experience

If experts are to be believed, Artificial Intelligence will radically redesign the HR teams all across the world.

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), these might be the first few pictures that dance in your mind. While the legends like Stephen Hawking have raised alarm about the possible destruction of the planet due to AI, the modern-day organizations have a slightly more optimistic take on the subject.

With the enhanced capability of streamlining the repetitive processes, enforcing guidelines, and automating important functions, AI is here to stay. In fact, it is pretty much the next step after smartphones, social technologies, and cloud-based solutions. Personal assistants like Siri or Cortana, or even the famous ‘self driving cars’ are very much a reality. Honestly, any future without AI is hard to imagine.

If experts are to be believed, Artificial Intelligence will radically redesign the HR teams all across the world. The ability to mimic human aptitude such as quick problem-solving, manage worklife transactions, learning on the job and enhanced perception can be used to automate workflows & streamline HR processes. Maybe that’s the reason, over $14 billion was invested in AI over the last 3-5 years. The potential is huge and there is no stopping the bandwagon.

This means the modern HR leaders need to first understand the possible impact of AI if they decide to adopt HR technology solutions based on the concept. Considering the fact that we are already seeing the levels of machine intelligence that effectively reshape the way any organization functions. Here’s how Artificial Intelligence can make the routine processes more efficient and lead to an exciting employee experience.

Improving efficiency

Modern Cloud HR software backed with AI encourage the interaction among employees and also save a great deal of time while working across teams. You see, interaction through conversation is still the number one mode of communication. When we talk about advances in natural language processing, HR chatbots are one such AI tool that employees can use with a great amount of ease. Just type a question and receive a ‘very human’ answer.

Consider a conversational SaaS HR technology like Alt Messenger, with its personal worklife assistant, Jinie can make life easier for an average employee. It’s underlying philosophy that chat communication is real-time and feels much more personal than an ordinary email. This increased interaction between employees forces the teams to improve their existing processes. Jinie is like an intelligent assistant wherein you can easily automate an array of tasks while working with a beautiful chat-based interface.

Likewise, it can work through routine tasks related to HR like planning a vacation, asking for a leave, informing about the availability.

Lets take an example:

Imagine the technical, financial, and other mundane administrative tasks that can be done through simple conversations with the power of AI.

A new candidate who’s just been hired for a job might receive the initial information about payroll, expenses, and other basic information from Alt messenger, instead of another employee. This is top-rated efficiency. Please remember that a usual work day is filled with tasks which can be automated with a drop of a hat. HR app like this can save the workforce from distractions.

Enhancing the overall employee experience on repeatable tasks

Artificial intelligence is definitely a game changer when it comes to automating basic repeatable activities. To name a few:

  • Accessing salary slips
  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • Routine performance reviews
  • Employee onboarding and resignation formalities
  • Getting a 360° feedback during an appraisal process
  • Logging basic data on systems
  • Status of requests that are awaiting approval

With the help of HR Chatbot, time spent on data entry, or solving basic queries which could take days, can be done in a matter of minutes.

Artificial intelligence is definitely few steps ahead of the human mind and that leads to the highest level of time-saving and disaster management on ongoing projects. Mobile app with personal worklife assistant can predict interesting findings with regards to internal communication between departments, project completion issues, or any other unexpected problem that can possibly surface after months. This is a predictive feature which can really help to plan for big projects.

Wholesome high-level productivity

The eminent rise of AI has also changed the way businesses operate their workspaces. For artificial intelligence based systems, it’s not very difficult to suggest basic tasks like adjusting the temperature of the room, the amount of lighting needed, and other simple yet important tasks. Artificial intelligence is also being successfully used to train employees based on their strength and weakness. It’s a great tool to personalize the corporate learning culture.

Most organizations have already started using a virtual agent, which is a computer-generated, usually animated, AI -based virtual character that can help initiate intelligent conversation with users. The virtual agent can help you with simple issues which would otherwise need human intervention. This ensures that the number of errors have drastically reduced and there’s no scope of any kind of biases in the system. All you get is a quick answer for every difficult situation. Isn’t that really purposeful!


These are just a few examples of an AI revolution waiting to happen. Our HR chatbot Jinie works in the capacity of a personal work-life assistant. Not only does it help solve basic HR related queries, Jinie can also help with employee data, leave & attendance management, and other similar transactions. It’s a part of Alt Messenger, which is a conversational platform used to conduct the text-based conversations among different stakeholders within the organization. Senior HR leaders must look out for such innovative softwares to increase the productivity and efficiency through data backed solutions at the drop of the hat.

Welcome to a digitized age!

We need to adopt the changes as the process of evolution has always been driven by the philosophy of ‘survival of the fittest’. If the human resources professional embrace machine learning, big data and AI today, there’s a very good chance they’ll be in a better position to adopt the amazing advancements in the tech field tomorrow.

As the tech world learns and adapts, the onus lies on each one of us. Let’s innovate, compete, and ideate to drive new age automated solutions. The HR leaders have to remain alert to ensure they embrace the new-age people management and reshape the way their organization works.

The revolution has already started. Are you ready for the next level!

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