How A Goa-based Startup Is Supporting State Governments Pro Bono to Contain Covid-19

Transerve Technology through its Geo-spatial analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence is helping the state governments to contain the novel corona virus in the hyper-local cities of the country

During this time of crisis Start Ups like the Goa-based Transerve Technologies, that offers Geo-Spatial technology-based SaaS solutions for urban planning, among others are trying to help the State governments to contain the virus in the hyper-local areas of the country. 

Transerve Technologies, in particular, is helping at least half-dozen State Governments on a pro bono basis. It has innovated a technology called 'Transerve Online Stack' to Geotag the movement of people in the city which can further be traced down to people carrying the virus.  

The proposed solution will be a digital system to issue movement passes through a mobile app and a Command & Control Center (CCC) to track geo-locations of vehicles/people with passes in real-time. This will also enable essential service providers (ESPs) to ensure safe passage while at the same time the Police department can track their movement. And if anyone is seen disregarding the process will be flagged upon movement during unauthorized zones and beyond timings.

Ashwani Rawat, Director and Co-Founder, Transerve Technologies said, "We are providing this platform for a variety of things. However, we are also supporting the governments to contain Covid-19 crisis wherein the government is trying to create a lockdown strategy to enforce people not to move in and out of containment zones." 

The government is looking for a platform which should overview the detailed map of an area wherein phones can be tracked down to Geotag the movement on a map.  Rawat said, "The entire data set would be analyzed through technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence. So if there are any schedule stoppages and if anyone is spending extra time, it will automatically flag off."

The startup has collaborated with few state governments including Government of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. It has raised funds from Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (IIM-Ahmedabad) and CIBA. Also in 2017, IL&FS Investments and Omidyar Network invested $ 1.6 million in a pre-Series A funding round. 

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