Advertisement Gives Exotic Places to Act Like Capt’ Jack Sparrow

The world is riding high on the pirate experience with the recent release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. To add to the experience, brings a list of best hotels in the world to have a bespoke buccaneer holiday at.

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As we enter the adventurous season, take off for an on shore leave with these hotels from

1. Hotels in Jamaica

Port Royal was the famous base for notorious buccaneers from Captain Henry Morgan to John “Calico Jack” Rackham and his female crew Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Haul up in the beautiful Negril, known for its limestone cliffs and beautiful beaches where Calico Jack was finally captured. The Tensing Pen Hotel offers boutique luxury where you can shout ahoy over the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Tensing Pen Hotel is a Loved-by-Guests hotel on, available from 7,699 rupees per room, per night.

To shimmy closer to Port Royal, commandeer a spot in the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel in Kingston. Terra Nova All Suite Hotel on is available from 12, 700 rupees per room, per night.

2. Hotels in Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

The infamous pirate Blackbeard is said to have shivered his timbers on Cayman Brac as well as Captain Morgan himself, with pirates using the island as a haven to replenish supplies. With shipwrecks galore, the Cayman Islands are worth a plunder if you be looking for a pirate escape.

Le Soleil d'Or, West End is a luxurious property, on a private beach. Available from 21,813 rupees per room, per night.

3. Hotels in Campeche, Mexico

Campeche has a long history of protecting its charming colloquial town from swashbucklers trying to lay siege. Its cobbled streets and pastel Spanish mansions hark back to ye olde way of life and at the old port a giant wall still stands, keeping the pirates out.

Hotel Socaire is located in the heart of Campeche, a stone’s throw from several cultural sites including the Cathedral and the Museum of Mayan Architecture. Available from 2,863 rupees per room, per night.

4. Hotels in Barbados

Home to the famous Sam Lord who tricked captains into crashing into hidden reefs to steal their riches, Barbados is the ideal place in which to buccaneer a break.

In true pirate fashion, Sea – U Guest House, will be hard to distinguish from the inside of a real-life pirate ship with its wooden panelling and shabby chic look. Those looking to find their sea-legs should grab a snorkel and investigate the array of shipwrecks that cover the ocean’s floor. 

Sea-U Guest House is available from 6,373 rupees per room, per night.

Pirate honeymooners should hit the deck at Little Arches Boutique Hotel; a haven for any pirate getaway. A treasure trove of eclectic décor and set against the white sands of Enterprise Beach, it will be hard to resist walking the plank into the crystal blue seas.  Little Arches Boutique Hotel is available from 18,605 rupees per room, per night.

5. Hotels in British Virgin Islands

Heralded as supporting the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ and with hidden inlets providing the perfect base in which to hide and recuperate, these islands acted as a backdrop to pirate activity in the late 18th century.

The Anegada Beach Club hotel located on Anegeda is a short drive from Freebooters Point, where buried treasure from the wreck of a Spanish galleon is said to be found.

This hotel is the perfect retreat for those looking for a ‘Pirate Life for Me’ with an abundance of luxury tents on the beach overlooking the sea. Be it laying around in hammocks or snorkelling around the region for buried treasure, this is a great base in which to embrace your inner Long John Silver and explore everything that the island has to offer.

The Anegada Beach Club hotel is available from 12,510 rupees per room, per night.

Aptly named, Gallows Point Resort is located just 15 miles from Deadman’s Bay, where pirates who perished on stranger tides washed ashore. Providing the perfect backdrop for any pirate wannabe, this hotel is available from 17,739 rupees per room, per night.

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