Hotelogix merges with 2 other hotel tech firms Axisrooms and RepUp to lead rollup in India

Headquartered in Singapore Hotelogix, a Cloud PMS company has announced its merger with Axisrooms which is a distribution company and a guest experience management company RepUp into Hotelogix .

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This three-way merger marks the radical beginning of a new era of hospitality solutions that

will now be re-imagined and delivered by this integrated platform which will cover

operations, distribution, reputation, marketing automation, and guest-facing technologies.

The merger has given Hotelogix PTE an aggregate customer base spanning 100+ countries,

powering 10000+ hospitality businesses ranging from hotels, resorts, boutique hotels,

hostels to aparthotels, campsites, villas, vacation rentals, independents, and chains. With

200+ employees, the combined entity has emerged as one of the largest SaaS providers for

the hospitality sector in APAC market and aims at aggregating 20K+ customers the next 3


Hotels today, use multiple systems through a guestlifecycle, from pre-booking to post-

checkout stages, which then require integration of various systems leading to high costs,

broken experience, delayed implementation, and fragmented support. Worst still, it leaves

guests with sub-optimal stay experience. The core objective of the merger is to harness the

power of data across operations, distribution and customer experience systems to deliver

exceptional value and seamless experience to its clients & customers.

Aditya Sanghi who will continue to be the CEO at Hotelogix, said “With this merger, we will

have a wide range of solutions to offer which will give superior value to our customers and

increase our share of wallet. This definitely gives us a huge competitive edge against our

competitors at a global level.”

Anil Kumar Prasanna, CEO at AxisRooms added “The future of hotel technology needs to be

open and accessible to every hotel partner or technology provider. If hotels want the full

range of services or just a part of the stack, we want the technology to integrate as

seamlessly as possible and be available to all partners with this merger.” “ We have worked

closely with Hotelogix and Repup for a few years; customer-centricity has been our common

focus, together we will enhance this joint vision to greater heights and create legendary

customer experiences” Anil further added.

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