Holds Potential To Attract New Biz, KT Rama Rao Lauds State’s Infra

Companies hire more than they intend to in Telangana because the state has an abundance of talented workers, KT Rama Rao Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development of Telangana said

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KT Rama Rao, Minister of Information Technology and Industries, Telangana inaugurated the Bosch Global Software Technologies facility in Raidurgam, Hyderabad, on Wednesday. The 1.5 lakh square foot facility will house 3,000 employees, up from the company's current workforce of approximately 1,400. It will concentrate on artificial intelligence, e-mobility, the internet of things, security, and other topics.

Telengana is one of the Indian states that has done promising work to develop the infrastructure required to set up facility in the state. KTR mentioned that Bosch intends to employ over 3,000 people for the new facility that was set up in Hyderabad.

Rama Rao added, "Companies hire more than they intend to in Telangana because the state has an abundance of talented workers."

Telangana has been attracting investors and companies from all across the world. Given the fact that the state has a skilled workforce, companies do like to venture into new marketplaces while operating from Telangana. Large operations have been established in Hyderabad by ZF, Fisker, Stellantis, Hyundai, Uber, Qualcomm, Amazon, Apple, and others. Many large corporations have their second largest campuses in Hyderabad as well. Local firms such as Mahindra, Mytrah, RaceEnergy, and others were present in Hyderabad. Novartis relocated to Hyderabad about a decade ago with 400 employees and has since grown to 9,000.

Rama Rao added that the policies have attracted players in the domain to set up their facilities in the state. For instance, Amara Raja, a battery manufacturer, has announced plans to invest Rs 9,500 crores in Telangana's Mehbob Nagar to establish a new state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery facility. 

"Telangana has grown at more than 15 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in the last 7 years. Furthermore, IT exports have jumped from Rs 57 crore in 2014-15 to about Rs 1,083 crore in the last fiscal. Over 30 percent of the new jobs in the IT sector were created by Telangana alone," the Minister added. 

During the inaugural ceremony, the minister stated that Telangana is establishing Mobility Valley in the state, which will include multiple stakeholders such as EV manufacturers, battery manufacturers, recyclers, and others in the ecosystem. It will have engineering, battery testing, manufacturing, innovation, and talent zones. Hyderabad will host its first Formula E race in the second week of February next year as part of its efforts to promote electric vehicles. He also stated that the state is planning to host an EV Week and an EV Summit in Hyderabad to bring together EV stakeholders.

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