Hello Panda Launches In Gurgaon

Orders can be made through Hello Panda's official website and through their delivery partners Swiggy, Zomato & Dunzo!

Every bite a chef creates, every kitchen where the flames under a pan come alive, every ingredient that is carefully handpicked and sourced is a culmination of a dream, a dream to bring you the finest of food. This dream belongs to Chef Vikramjit Roy and Anurodh Samal, two veterans of the Indian culinary scene. Rated as the “Chef of the Year, 2014”, the best Japanese cooking Chefs of the country by none other than Mr. Vir Sanghvi, “Chef of the Year, 2017”, by Hotelier India, “Chef of the Year” by Delhi Gourmet Club, Chef Vikramjit is one of the most celebrated Chefs of the country with 18 years of Experience and a deep appreciation of Asian cuisine, he comes on board this project as the force behind the kitchen. 

Anurodh Samal comes with a rich history of Operations. Having started his career with ITC Hotels and later being in-charge of Butlers, he has handled all Head of State visiting the country. He had successfully handled West View, Pre-Opened Tian at ITC Maurya, POH with Speciality Group & The Kimono Club with White Hat Hospitality, where he was General Manager – Operations for all other restaurants like Whisky Samba, The Wine Company, The Wine Rack & Antares. He has also worked with Leela Hotels and handled Operations for Hoppipola Restaurants for Speciality Restaurants.

"Hello Panda is born out of our sheer passion and love for Asian Food. Because of our history of cooking, enjoying and researching Asian food for the last 19 years, we have always pushed boundaries to give our Guests gastronomic experiences which are both delicious and unique.  We aspire to do the same, this time in the segment of Delivery & Takeaway. We would want our Guests to be exposed to the diversity that exists in the South-East Asian Cuisines, be it in Chinese, Japanese or Thai. Having explored all these regions & prefectures and having learnt and understood the essence of the culture & food, it puts us in a great space to connect the two together - Our Guests here and the essence that we have carried from these regions." says Chef Vikramjit & Anurodh Samal, Co- Founder of Hello Panda. 

Chef Vikramjit has been instrumental in the Pre-Opening of the Award winning “Wasabi by Morimoto” for Taj Hotels, the Pre-Opening of “Pan Asian” & “Tian – Asian Cuisine Studio” for ITC Hotels and the Pre-Opening of “POH – Progressive Oriental House” for Speciality Restaurants & “The Kimono Club” for White Beach Restaurants. Now, he brings you his dream project with co-founder, Mr. Anurodh Samal, an experiential Asian gourmet brand called, Hello Panda. Envisioned as an amalgamation of opulence and glamour with delicious, Pan-Asian comfort food, this all-new playful, fun brand stands to bring gourmet Pan Asian dishes that are both affordable and unique. Operations at hello Panda begin with home delivery and will go on to become dine-in restaurants across Delhi-NCR in the coming months. This sleek and sophisticated brand is the perfect blend of innovation and familiar food. The chef’s vision is to create dishes that are associated with five-star properties but available to everyone at great value yet made with world class ingredients.

Patrons can look forward to close to a hundred dishes spread across cold plates, dim sum, soups, sushi, hot appetisers, mains and desserts. Some of the signature dishes include familiar dishes like Thai Som Tam Salad along with the traditional Pomelo Salad, to complement the familiar is the highly innovative, Aona Goma Ae, which is an organic spinach salad in a sesame sauce. In soups, they have the Tom Kha and Tom Yum to satisfy Thai cravings but it’s soups like Mitang Zhu Qingcai, a Rice Broth with Vegetables and Fanqie Jiandan Tang, a soup of fried egg and tomato Soup that change up the game! For dim sum lovers, Chef has added many variations beyond his classics, Chengdu Chicken Wontons with Dried Chilli Sauce and Jizhi Goutie and Chicken Pot-Sticker Dumpling with Chicken Stock. The sushi selection includes Nigiri and Maki and the spread extends to 17 types of sushi, the recommendations have the freshest of produce, choose from Lean Tuna Nigiri, or Maki rolls like, Kimchi & Avocado, Spiced Edamame with Truffles, Toro Scallion and the all-time favourite, Spicy Salmon. Hot appetizers have the perfect balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, from Thai Corn Cakes and Truffled Purple Potato to Sambal Olek Fish, Pan Sautéed Fish with Garlic Crumble and Coconut Crusted Prawns. Mains are hearty portions of real Asian flavours with dishes like Qiang Kongxincai which are stir-fried Pakchoy & Shiitake Mushroom with Garlic, Qiangchao Oukuai, stir-fried Lotus Root with Chillies & Sichuan Pepper, Ganbian Kugua, dry-fried Bitter Melon and an Asian specialty like Angry Potatoes made with sweet potato & regular potatoes dressed with Yuzu Cream. For meat eaters, the choices are endless too, Lemon Grass & Chilli Fish, Tangcu Cuipi Yu, a Sweet-And-Sour Crispy Fish, Fu Yung Ha which is Prawn Fu Yung with Egg, a favourite like Cashewnut Gai Grob, sliced Chicken with Thai Chilli & Coconut Cream, Lamb Chunk Massaman Curry, Hui Guo Rou, Twice-Cooked Pork and a seasonal special like Guoba Roupian, which is Pork with ‘Lychee’ Sauce with Crispy Rice. All these dishes can be paired with sides like, Dynamite Veg Rice, Phad Thai Veg Noodles, Pan Fried Veg Noodles to which you can add chicken, seafood and pork. Since no meal is complete without dessert, extra attention has been paid to this segment, so every meal ordered from Hello Panda is completely satisfying, choose from Crispy Chocolate Dim Sum, Chocolate Mousse Tart, Fried Cinnamon Apple Pies and more. 

The beverage menu will include artisanal cocktail premixes curated by the dynamic Ankur chawla along with cold pressed juices, mocktails and the special "Whatr" responsible water,  which is India’s first natural spring water in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans. Pre order dishes (PO) which are the dishes they are most popularly known for like the classic Black Cod Miso, Tamari Glazed Chilean Sea Bass (Tamari being one of the most expensive soy which also Is gluten free, etc are available on 24 hours prior notice. They also offer a set combination of sushi and dimsum for house or kitty parties which will give diversity of flavors and varieties. 

Every ingredient is handpicked by the chef and his team keeping local, sustainable and where possible, organic in mind to bring you a meal that’s not just delicious but a part of conscious living too. Their thirst for sustainably sourced ingredients from small time farmers and breeders also is a big high. Their main focus is on delicious food & drinks made with the best quality ingredients cooked in a set-up which is the best in terms of hygiene & sanitation also sets them apart from other spaces in our segment. Hello Panda  has collaborated with #BLOO to create carry bags by recycling textile garment wastes and pet bottles. Their in house cooks will also be wearing masks of the same fabric. The ultimate objective of Hello Panda is to provide an experience that’s unforgettable, bringing you back for more!

The menu has the use of pop and bright colours and has been designed by the talented Freddy Birdy. 

You can order the delicious food through Hello Panda's official website and through their delivery partners Swiggy, Zomato & Dunzo!

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