HealthPlix Raises $13.5 Million To Digitally Supercharge Doctor-Patient Interactions

HealthPlix is the backbone for doctor-patient interactions, akin to Salesforce for CRM, Workday for human capital management or Marketo for marketing.

HealthPlix today announced raising $13.5 million as part of ongoing Series B funding led by Lightspeed, with participation from existing investors JSW Ventures, Kalaari and Chiratae. The #1 go-to-platform for doctors, Healthplix is fast becoming the operating system for healthcare delivery in India. It plans to grow 5x by expanding the doctor base in existing geographies, adding new towns and medicine specialities, and bolstering its team and product.

Today, there are strong tailwinds in healthcare: Covid19 has taken patients online and to Whatsapp; the Indian government has legalized teleconsultations; and the National Health Stack and Ayushman Bharat are laying down UPI-like infrastructure for hospitals and insurance to go digital. However, despite these tailwinds, startup innovation till date has been limited to areas such as appointment management, drug delivery and so on - primarily focused on patients or health administrators. What these innovations have missed is the core of healthcare delivery itself - the doctors.

HealthPlix is the backbone for doctor-patient interactions, akin to Salesforce for CRM, Workday for human capital management or Marketo for marketing. HealthPlix makes it easier for doctors to speed-up their practices, maintain patient records, offer remote consults and improve patient outcomes. 

Sandeep Gudibanda, serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder & CEO of HealthPlix shared, “Doctors are at the core of healthcare delivery, and at the core of a doctor’s day is his interaction with the patient. These few minutes matter most. It is in this precious interaction that health decisions get made, diagnostic tests get prescribed, pharmaceutical brands get chosen, surgical procedures get planned, and hospital referrals get made. This interaction is the moment of truth, where $88 billion of annual healthcare spend is decided. And in this moment of truth, the ONLY solution that doctors turn to for assistance is HealthPlix.” 

Raghuraj Sunder Raju, Co-Founder of HealthPlix mentioned “We are doubling down our efforts to help doctors provide in-person or remote consultation to their patients using the same digital platform seamlessly. Doctors using HealthPlix save time and get a unified view of their patient’s disease journey which aids their treatment decisions. These benefits have made HealthPlix the trusted choice among doctors.”

HealthPlix today serves more than 12 million unique patients - including 10% of all diabetic and cardiac patients in India! - supporting 60,000+ consultations daily across 15+ specialities. Healthplix has become the #1 go-to-platform for doctors, and is especially loved by top doctors (called Key Opinion Leaders): 10% of India’s top oncologists, 25% of India’s cardiologists and 75% of India’s top endocrinologists & diabetologists use HealthPlix for more than 4 hours everyday.

Over $1.1 billion of prescription and diagnostic spend originates on HealthPlix annually. Growing at 10% MoM, HealthPlix has become the core platform which allows doctors to interact with patients, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical/equipment manufacturers and insurers seamlessly.

Vaibhav Agrawal, Partner at Lightspeed, and a former physician, added, “What sets HealthPlix apart is its doctor-first B2B approach. Doctors are the most influential decision makers in healthcare. We believe whichever platform wins their trust will have the sole right to orchestrate the entire $88 billion of healthcare spend. The impact is very clear -- improved health outcomes for patients, better practices for doctors, 10x better Insights for pharma and med device companies, and superior underwriting capability for insurers.”

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