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Growth of the Natural Wellness Sector In India

The personal beauty and wellness market in India, which was earlier was valued at INR 901.07 Bn in 2018, is expected to reach a booming INR 2,463.49 Bn by 2024.

The natural wellness industry in India which extends from yoga to skincare, mental and physical health is seeing rapid development, which is being driven by different a magnitude of reasons. The personal beauty and wellness market in India, which was previously estimated at  INR 901.07 Bn in 2018,  is expected to reach a thriving INR 2,463.49 Bn by 2024, multiplying at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~18.40% during the 2019-2024 period. (Source:

Some of the major reasons for this sharp rise in growth can be accorded to elements including, increasing interest and consumer awareness ,rising incomes with the Indian working class, fast track lives which leaves no time for people to sit back and cater to their needs central to the industry and entry of private-area financial backers in the new verticals of the wellbeing and health market. 

Until 10 years prior, Indian customers were driven by extravagant names and bundling. However, today, they are substantially more educated about the destructive impacts of synthetics that are available in practically all close to home consideration brands. With simple admittance to data on the web, buyers are instructing themselves about different brands on the lookout and what will turn out best for them. Across India, millennial customers are getting progressively cognizant and are searching for safe regular choices to supplant the current corrective items being offered by enormous multinationals. 

According to a new review by Euromonitor, 67% of Indian shoppers distinguish themselves as ecologically cognizant, leaning toward normal and recyclable items. Additionally, Gen Z and Millennials are presently key driving variables of this industry and are impacting family brand buying choices.

The pandemic has made brands of all sizes reconsider the kinds of procedures they execute for the smooth running of the business.  For now, organizations are focusing on endurance until further notice, however later on should discover better approaches for brand building, as innovation is now at the heart of brands involved in the sector. 

In India, industry gauges uncover that the natural skincare market is probably going to grow two-folds in the following five years. Further, a study did by Euromonitor International uncovers that over portion of Indian shoppers announced 'common or natural' highlights are known to impact their hair and healthy skin buy choices.

In the midst of the progressing pandemic, a developing number of wellness and natural health startups are landing checks from early stage and angel financial backers. Various investments have also been led lately in the industry, the most recent one being Rs 130 Cr for Mamaearth by Sequoia India. Procter & Gamble in late 2020 also announces a growth fund worth Rs.400 Cr owing to the Aatmanirbhar Bharat ideology.

Wellness as a business prospect has a great scope in India as a result of which multiple startups have bloomed -Human Fractal, Setu India, Trijog, Streben healthcare to name a few .The industry is also allowing room for change to giants like L’oreal and other brands who owing it to the new trend of ‘go natural’, are beginning to innovate and bring forth organic products into the market. New, just as previously existing names, have an enormous territory to investigate and extend their business in. The beauty and wellness sector is developing quickly just like the chances that accompany it.

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