Future Of D2C: CX As Key Objective

These unusual and disruptive times demanded a constant transformation in products and approaches. Customer satisfaction being central to D2C brands, it is critical to find out what's working and what's not

One of the key contributors to optimise customer engagement is AI which practically helps brands 24x7. The segment leaders are encouraging omnichannel presence for consistent growth by choosing the right channels and placing the right content. Personalisation can be capital intensive but the level of learning data gives to the brand is immense. Rohit Chawla, Founder and CEO, Bare Anatomy, “Barriers have gone down significantly, it was never so easier to start a business.” 

With a lot of influencer and performance marketing coming in D2C brands can also make use of live streaming platforms and social media to amplify and spread the word. Vishal Kaushik, Co-Founder and MD, Upakarma Ayurveda, “The brands should be highly focused on content that is changing on every single scroll. The biggest advantage in D2C is the direct connection with customers and the brand stakeholders can interact for better engagement quotient.”

Challenges and Opportunities

For the very first time, an upward trend has been observed to focus on offering the best online shopping experience. The leaders of the segment such as Amazon and Flipkart have been doing it at a grand scale with the right optimisation of customer experience, streamlined supply chain and efficient delivery operations. When a consumer reaches out to a D2C brand, one expects the same experience. 

Abhishek Chandra, CRO, GoKwik said, “Giving a good customer experience can be a big differentiator. From discovery to selection to transaction to retention, the brand has to maintain the quality and pull factor on all four stages.”

Strategies For Commerce

What happens when brands go beyond the website and take it to the real ground in form of physical retail stores? Building on the same, Abhinav Mathur, CEO, Something’s Brewing talks about the advantages and how physical presence creates an edge for the brand extensively.  Mathur said, “We do upsell, cross-selling and customer experience takes the centre stage and community builds up; if the actions are true to the mission of the brand. 

Minu Margret, BlissClub, “At the beginning of building brand’s presence offline, the smartest thing to do is to open the first store near to the office location which helps in real-time upgradation. I believe that the power of offline extends to real-time product building and understanding customers.”

This panel discussion was well-moderated by Gaurav Dhawan, Executive Vice President and Head of Revenue, Times Network and was taking place at exchange4media D2C revolution Summit 2022. 

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