Furlenco’s TVF Connection & Other Things You Didn’t Know

Furlenco wants you to know these 5 things about them

Furlenco’s TVF Connection & Other Things You Didn’t Know
Furlenco’s TVF Connection & Other Things You Didn’t Know

1. Furlenco gave furniture to TVF shows

Furlenco partners with content syndication channels for various reasons, the main ones being 1) great access to the urban millennial audiences who watches these shows 2) a no-interruption way to get our brand message across. Therefore, partnering TVF and Filter Copy made sense because it was a great way to get our audience’s attention. It’s an added bonus that these channels are active and popular on social media; there’s no better way to communicate to young people than social media.

2. Furlenco also partners with Airbnb

Potential Airbnb hosts don’t need to worry about expensive furniture that they need to invest in - they can furnish their home with special, custom Furlenco packages aimed at Airbnb hosts. Potential hosts will be able to furnish their spaces in a personalized way, picking the package which suits their hosting style, with the added benefit of choosing a new style, each time.

3. Now Furlenco is expanding to Delhi. Why?

New Delhi is one of the trendiest cities of India with oodles of swag to spare. Making their way into the capital to introduce the urban crowd to the idea of renting furniture was strategically planned after Furlenco’s successful operations in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

Moreover, Delhi possesses a dynamic economy because of the distinct yet synergistic effect of the local economy, established MNCs and a thriving startup community. It’s a great opportunity for Furlenco and a way to reach out and help the young crowd with setting up their houses along with furnishing other homes.

4. True or False: It’s hard to raise money for a furniture rental company

It isn’t one or the other. Every company in the startup space understands that raising money is the most difficult task - whether you’re a rental company or an ecommerce company.

Furlenco was one of the first companies to enter the rental furniture market in India when it was a risky concept and therefore a risky investment. But with players such as Uber and Airbnb coming in and ruling the market, the shared economy concept is catching on. With more people seeing merit in renting furniture as opposed to buying it, the sky is the limit for us!

5. True or False: Furlenco does the same thing as every other furniture startup

False, Furlenco designs and manufactures its furniture, curates its furniture packages with matching soft furnishings and home decor. We offer furnishing solutions from one corner to the entirety of a home.

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