Former ZebPay CEO Avinash Shekhar Launches Web3 Startup 'TaxNodes'

Former ZebPay CEO Avinash Shekhar launches his own startup ‘TaxNodes’ in the Crypto and Web3 spaceFormer ZebPay CEO Avinash Shekhar launches his own startup ‘TaxNodes’ in the Crypto and Web3 space

Avinash Shekhar, Former CEO of crypto exchange ZebPay on Thursday launches his own Web3 startup 'TaxNodes’. 

The mission of this venture is to transform the way Crypto profitability, taxation and reporting are handled for retail investors as well as exchanges. Avinash Shekhar is a veteran finance expert and a qualified chartered accountant with more than two decades of experience across Crypto, Telecom, Retail, and Ecommerce. 

He is the former CEO of ZebPay, TaxNodes aims to simplify the tax computing process and access individual tax compliance. Additionally focusing to help crypto exchanges to increase their internal controls and automate reconciliation and accounting. 

Additionally, TaxNodes will help government regulators to increase the ability to ensure tax and other compliance from crypto users and exchanges by providing audit tools. 

Avinash Shekhar, Founder and CEO, TaxNodes said, “I am really excited to embark on my entrepreneurial journey with the launch of TaxNodes. TaxNodes aims to address these challenges by identifying and offering end-to-end solutions to pain-points through comprehensive auditing tools to all stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem.” 

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